‘RHOC’ Star Lynne Curtin’s Daughter Alexa Back Behind Bars On Drug Charges

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

Alexa Curtin, the troubled daughter of former Real Housewive of Orange County star Lynne Curtin, recently spent some more time behind bars on drug-related charges. Since Lynne Curtain and her family appeared on the show, Alexa has had several run-ins with the police and filed a lawsuit against the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

RadarOnline reports that Alexa Curtin was picked up because she had several outstanding drug warrants, and she was held behind bars for four days. On August 8, Curtin was taken into custody and was held at the Central Women’s Jail in Orange County.

This recent arrest happened after someone called the police because they saw two women sitting in a car “suspiciously.” Police took Curtin into custody after pulling up her outstanding warrants on possession of a controlled substance paraphernalia, vandalism, petty theft, and driving under the influence of a drug.

Curtin is now out on bond and must appear back in court in October, and she put in a plea of not guilty to all of her charges. The most serious of the charges involved the accusation that she was caught smoking heroin, was in possession of drug paraphernalia, and vandalizing her boyfriend’s car.

Alexa Curtin has been in and out of trouble for years and has served time behind bars several times. Her mother Lynne blames much of the trouble on Alexa’s time in the adult film industry under the name Jayden Taylors, which she kept from her family. Lynne Curtin explained she was sickened when she found out about the pornographic films.

“When I found out that Alexa was involved in porn I became physically ill.”

Lynne Curtin and her ex-husband thought that Alexa was modeling but she now says that she did adult films for over a year to pay for her plastic surgery.

Alexa Curtin had also accused an employee of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office of sexual assault after she says he attacked her after pulling her over for drunk driving. He lawyer, Jeremy Jass, explained that she didn’t report it at the time because she feared retribution.

“Alexa didn’t make a police report because she was concerned that she would suffer some retaliation from the department. She was afraid that the perpetrator would find out about the complaint and he could find out where she lived or what kind of car she drives and the license plate. She figured she wouldn’t be too hard to track down.”