Missouri Woman Renee M. Collins Accused Of Letting Men Rape Her Disabled Daughter For Money And Drugs

Police say a Missouri woman let multiple men rape her minor daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy and autism in exchange for money and drugs, according to the Columbia Tribune.

The horrific story first came to light in July last year when FBI received an anonymous tip about a minor girl being left alone with strange men at Columbia’s The Welcome Inn. The federal law enforcement agency informed the Columbia Police Department, and officers promptly arrived at the scene to investigate.

They found the Missouri woman’s 14-year-old daughter alone in a “filthy” room, according to court documents. A witness told authorities that they had seen two men offer the girl’s mother cocaine in exchange for having sex with her. Another witness told investigators that there had been an instance during which the minor girl appeared to have been sedated with drugs.

The girl was taken into protective custody, where she told officers about the sexual activities that were carried out by “bad men.” She suffers from a slew of mental conditions, including cerebral palsy and autism. She is also partially deaf and uses corrective leg braces to get around. Authorities told reporters that the girl seemed to have the mental capacities of a “two or three-year-old” child.

Missouri woman let men rape her daughter in exchange for money and drugs.
Renee M. Collins & William A. Thomas Jr. Featured image credit: Columbia Police Department

Over the course of a year, investigators found out the staggering level of abuse that the girl had been subjected to at the hands of her mother, Renee Collins, and her boyfriend, William A. Thomas Jr. Earlier this week, Collins was charged with sex trafficking of a child and endangering the welfare of a child, according to the Missourian, while Thomas Jr. was charged with first degree rape or attempted rape.

The 14-year-old victim said that her mother would be present when she was raped by men who she referred to as “mom’s boyfriends.” She would reportedly be “loaned” out to them by Collins at motels, and sometimes even at home. The mother would receive money and “medicines” in exchange for her acquiescing to whatever the “bad men” wanted — the “medicines” obviously a reference to the drugs Collins would receive.

The girl referred to her mother’s boyfriend, William A. Thomas Jr., as “Uncle Bill,” investigators mention in the court documents.

Both the Missouri woman and her boyfriend are being held on a $200,000 cash only bond. With authorities having gathered evidence of sexual and mental abuse meticulously for over a year, it is highly likely that Collins and William A. Thomas Jr. will receive extended prison sentences.