Britney Spears Is Not Struggling With Memory Loss, Despite Tabloid Report

Chris PizzelloAP Images

“Britney Spears’ Brain is Broken.” That’s the claim being made by The National Enquirer, in an article which quotes an alleged source. The Enquirer reports that their “insider” says the “Toxic” singer has been forgetting things and her camp is worried about the state of her health.

“Britney is forgetting stuff at an alarming rate and it’s very worrying to her friends and family,” their reported source says. “She can’t remember even the simplest things, like where she’s performing and people’s names.”

But celebrity news fact checker Gossip Cop says that the story is not based on facts. They spoke to a source on Britney’s side who said that the singer’s relatives and team aren’t worried about her memory at all.

Gossip Cop concludes that The National Enquirer story may have been “inspired” by an incident that happened at a Britney Spears concert. Spears invited Watch What Happens Live’s Andy Cohen up on stage during a performance at Radio City Music Hall but, based on the video, it seems pretty clear that she had no idea who he was.

When he talked about the experience on his radio show, Andy didn’t assume that the singer forgot his name, but that she just didn’t know who he was and that he was famous.

“Like, I have no expectation — it’s why I have no expectation that Madonna should ever know who I am. I am a mortal, and Britney is Britney,” he said.–QRcelN76o

Britney is currently overseas on the Pieces Of Me tour. Her last gig was in Dublin, Ireland, and her performance received good reviews. The review of the concert in the Irish Mirror made no mention of memory issues, which helps to disprove the claims that The National Enquirer made in its article.

Instead, The Mirror quotes fans who raved about the show.

“Britney Spears is the PRINCESS! Best night of my life. What a show!” one concertgoer tweeted, while another wrote, “The Pieces of Me Tour tonight in Dublin was a triumph. Such a great performance and audience.”

The Pieces Of Me Tour is heading to London next. On her Instagram page this week, Britney posted a series of flashback photo of her and her sons visiting landmarks in the city.

“Throwback to exploring London with the boys! Can’t wait to be back for #PieceOfMe next week!” Spears wrote in the caption.

So she remembered visiting London with her kids, another chink in The National Enquirer’s claims about her memory loss.