Tennessee Security Guard Allegedly Had Sex With A Corpse

Police in Memphis, Tennessee have arrested Cameron Wright, who is accused of necrophilia, reports People. Wright was a security guard at Saint Francis Hospital. Wednesday, August 22, 2018, after two individuals allegedly saw the man having sex with the corpse of a recently deceased woman, they telephoned authorities. The authorities responded to a call at St. Francis Hospital, where witnesses claimed that the 23-year-old security guard was observed “having sexual intercourse with a deceased female in the body storage room,” states the arrest affidavit which was obtained by People. Wright’s bond has been set at $3,000 USD.

Records show that Wright is claimed to have given police a written statement in which he openly admitted to the crime. The accused’s sister chose to remain anonymous when questioned by authorities as to the mental state of her brother in an interview on a local news station, WREG. Wright’s sister also told police officers that her brother had wished to join the police force and that for Wright, being a security guard was “the closest thing he could get at the moment.”

“I think he’s still a good person. He just needs help. I mean, ’cause anybody that does something like that, there’s got to be something wrong with them.'”

People states that Wright allegedly worked for the U.S. Security Associates, a company that has also given a statement to the local news station. The company stated that Wright was “thoroughly screened” before being hired. A spokesperson for the U.S. Security Associates has told reporters that Mr. Wright was terminated from the company immediately after having been charged for the crime.

“We thoroughly screened the background of the officer involved in the incident. There was no criminal history in the officer’s background and no one could have anticipated the criminal conduct in which the officer engaged.”

Reports have also stated that Wright has requested a public defender; although thus far, it is unclear whether Wright had obtained one. His first appearance in front of a judge is expected to be August 28, 2018.

The University of California, describes necrophilia as a paraphilia where an individual engages in arousal and attraction to fantasies or actual sexual contact with dead people. They also state that “necrophilia is a fairly rare paraphilia.” The act is considered taboo and nonconsensual by experts and lawmakers because the deceased person cannot give consent. Some believe that the desire to have sex with the dead stems from an “intense fear of interacting with potential living partners…since a corpse cannot reject, disagree, manipulate, or abuse them.” These same experts also say that those who have sex with dead bodies are also often acting on desires that come from a need to control, lacking general remorse for the consequences of their actions.