‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: A New Arrival Throws A Wrench In An Existing, Blossoming Romance

Paul HebertABC

New Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for Monday’s episode are out and the latest sneak peeks reveal some interesting context to previous teasers about the August 27 show. Leo Dottavio’s arrival already caused some chaos for Kendall Long and Joe Amabile, and now it seems that Connor Obrochta will show up and cause waves in another relationship.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, the network teased that a new arrival would quickly connect with a lady who had been anxiously waiting to see if he’d arrive. However, as she waited, she had started to fall for someone else. Until now, it wasn’t apparent who was involved in this potential new love triangle.

A new sneak peek from ABC fills in the blanks on this one. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from the clip share that it is Connor Obrochta’s arrival that shakes things up. He will quickly sit down with Krystal Nielson to chat, and she’ll admit that she’s been hoping to meet him there.

In fact, Nielson will admit that she really only had one person in mind that she wanted to meet, and it was him. Krystal will tell Connor that since she arrived, she’s been keeping him in the back of her mind and she’s tried to keep herself in a space where she’d be open to connecting with him. Obrochta seems flattered by this and it sounds as if the two will have a pretty great date together.

Obviously, this development will leave Chris Randone feeling rattled. Joe, Kendall, and Jordan Kimball will try to reassure and support Chris, but he’ll clearly be flustered over Krystal and Connor connecting. As viewers will remember, Randone had sweet-talked Tia Booth after she initially split with Colton Underwood, and things went south a few hours later when he started making out with Krystal.

Another ABC sneak peek shows Chris talking about Connor’s arrival before Obrochta and Nielson connect. Randone said he wasn’t worried because he didn’t think that anybody else could come in and catch up to what he and Krystal had already developed. Obviously, once he saw his gal talking with this new arrival, his confidence faltered.

Is Chris right to worry? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that Connor’s arrival will cause waves, but ultimately, Randone and Nielson will continue their relationship. Week-by-week spoilers for Season 5 haven’t emerged, but gossip king Reality Steve has revealed that Chris and Krystal will still be together at the end of the season, while Connor will have already departed.

From the sounds of things, Monday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise will be a wild one, and there’s another episode coming up on Tuesday night as well. Love triangles are building by the minute in Mexico during Season 5 and viewers have a lot of craziness to look forward to in the coming week.