WWE News: Sasha Banks Has No Interest In Ever Working With Alexa Bliss Again

When it comes to professional wrestling, a good storyteller will make it seem like they truly can’t stand the opponent they are facing off against in the ring. Other times, there is legitimate heat and dislike between the people in the ring, which is the case for two of the top female stars in WWE. Sasha Banks is a true boss and will always be professional, but if it is up to her, she would be happy to never work against Alexa Bliss ever again.

For quite a long time, there has been speculation that the two former champions really don’t like each other. There have even been reports that the heat between them on WWE television is completely legit and not just scripted into the story.

It appears as if there is some real confirmation of the fact that Banks and Bliss just have pure hatred boiling between them.

On a recent episode of Open Late with Peter Rosenberg, Banks appeared as a guest to discuss her life, her career, and a number of other topics. Rosenberg brought up her past feud with Bliss and how real they made the rivalry seem between so incredibly real, but that was for a reason.

The heat between the two superstars was and is real.

Sasha Banks spoke quite candidly during the interview and said that if it was up to her, she would not wrestle or work with Alexa Bliss again. Of course, she does have a job to do and if WWE called for them to be in the ring again together, she would be a professional about it.

When asked if she would like to do more work with Bliss, Banks simply responded with “Not really.” Rosenberg then asked her if he believed that story was told and if it had run its course. Banks, once again, stayed professional but didn’t hide how she really feels.

“I think if they want to have me wrestle Alexa [Bliss], I can do that because I can do my job very well.”

This was not a response that came from Sasha Banks in character or kayfabe. She was speaking freely with Rosenberg and talking truthfully about anything and everything. Right after this, Banks praised Ronda Rousey’s emergence in WWE and looks forward to the chance of working with her one day.

Throughout the history of professional wrestling, there have been many instances in which wrestlers really hated each other. It’s obvious that not everyone is going to get along, but if WWE calls for someone to work with someone else, it’s going to have to happen. As far as Sasha Banks goes, she would prefer to never work with Alexa Bliss again, but she’s prepared to be professional if the time calls for it.

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