Bikers Shut Down California Freeway For Marriage Proposal [Video]

Hundreds of bikers shut down a California freeway for a marriage proposal. Authorities were not amused by the stunt and are considering felony charges for impeding traffic.

Hector Martinez and around 300 other bikers stopped suddenly in the middle of California’s 10 Freeway in Covina over the weekend. A pink smoke bomb was released as Martinez knelt and proposed to his girlfriend Paige Hernandez.

The surprise proposal shut down the freeway, as the bikers blocked traffic on the busy road. Authorities were not informed of the plan and are considering filing charges. As reported by The Huffington Post, the incident is still under investigation:

” … because of the scale of the incident, the CHP is requesting that the District Attorney look into tacking on additional charges against the organizers of the proposal. Currently, the incident is still under investigation, and any charges that may come are at the discretion of the District Attorney, not the CHP.”

Martinez has not been contacted by the police or District Attorney. While he admits that the plan was illegal, he contends that it was well organized and coordinated to assure everyone’s safety.

Martinez and Hernandez have been dating for nearly four years. Both live in the San Gabriel Bally and are 24-years-old. They are planning a wedding ceremony at the “Staples Center.”

The proposal was a complete surprise to Hernandez. Martinez states that only a few people knew what was going to happen, and the majority of the other bikers were not aware that they would be shutting down the California freeway for marriage proposal.