Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Her Weight Loss, Says She Weighs 116 Pounds

Kim Kardashian's weight has been a hot topic of conversation among fans recently, and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is now speaking out on her weight loss, current weight, and all of the work that it takes to be able to fit into those tiny bikinis.

According to an August 22 report by People Magazine, Kim Kardashian sat down for an interview with E! News recently and revealed that has lost 20 pounds in her latest health and fitness push, officially weighing in at 116 pounds.

Kardashian also opened up about her workout habits, claiming that she is at the gym for over an hour every day. Kim says that while she didn't see results right away, now that she's been training with a professional for a year, people are finally noticing her new toned body.

"I work out about an hour-and-a-half every single day, heavy weights. I don't do a lot of cardio. But honestly, like even my mom pulled me aside maybe a week ago and pulls me in a closet and is like, 'What are you doing?' She says, 'I don't care what, I just need to know.' I've been working out really hardcore with a bodybuilder for one year. September is our one-year anniversary," Kim Kardashian stated.

"I've lost 20 pounds and I'm really proud of that. I was almost 140 forever and now I'm like 116 and it just feels good. I didn't see results right away, but when you stick with something and you're consistent, you will. So, I love it," Kim added.

In addition to her exercise routine, Kim Kardashian also says that she has been very conscious about what she's putting into her body. The mother 0f three says that she doesn't eat sugar like she used to and that she tries to control her eating to not negate all of the success she's had. However, she can't seem to completely stay away from sweets, and reveals that Haagen-Dazs ice cream is her "go-to."

"I've kind of been trained to just eat a lot healthier than I used to. I used to just eat anything and everything and I loved it, and so I really do control that now. … I don't want to ruin it by just stuffing my face," the reality star confirmed.

Kim has been working with bodybuilder Melissa Alcantara, who revealed earlier this year that Kardashian wanted more muscle when they first started the process.

Kim Kardashian fans can follow her progress and workouts via her Instagram account, where she often posts videos of her working out, and shows off her amazing results with racy photos.