Detroit Freeway Pileup Leaves At Least 3 Dead

At least three people died today during a pileup on the freeway in Detroit.

According to CBS, the Detroit freeway pileup stretched out for over a mile down I-75, involved more than two dozen vehicles and left at least 20 people injured.

Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw said that a snow squall crossed the highway and quickly caused white out conditions. Shaw said that the driving conditions changed from clear to extremely hazardous in a seconds.

Shaw said:

“Some witnesses said there were white-out conditions. (Conditions went from) clear to total whiteout in a matter of seconds. All of a sudden, they couldn’t see anymore.”

Greg Galuszka, who was driving a truck at the time of the accident, told ABC:

“I looked on my driver’s side mirror, and I could see the trucks piling up back there … Then, when I looked in my passenger side (mirror), is when I saw the steel hauler coming up. I just said my prayers from there and said, ‘Please don’t hit me.’ “

Shaw said that emergency crews have been working since the accidents to take care of the injured people. It will be several hours before I-75 is cleared.

This is the second major accident this week caused by white out conditions. Canada’s 401 was closed for several hours earlier this week after a 70-vehicle pileup.