An Arkansas McDonald’s Employee Allegedly Threw Hot Grease On A Customer Following An Argument

A McDonald’s employee allegedly threw hot grease at a customer following a dispute at the drive-up window, KTHV-TV (Little Rock) is reporting.

On Sunday, North Little Rock police were called to the restaurant at about 10:48 p.m. following a dust-up in the drive-through lane. It’s not clear what had happened, but apparently, the customer, later identified as Tonio Andrews, became “irate” over a dispute in the drive-through and allegedly smashed a lobby window. Authorities say the lobby window was broken but remained intact.

Tonio had gone by the time cops arrived, but half an hour later, he was back. This time, say employees, he was at the drive-through again, and once again he and the emp loyee on the other end failed to see eye-to-eye. Tonio says that he was having trouble deciding what he wanted when the employee started putting pressure on him.

“You need to make up your [Expletive] mind and quit wasting my time.”

At the window, Tonio and the employee argued again. The door was pushed open, pushed closed, pushed open again. Then, says Tonio, an employee turned up with container of boiling hot grease and threw it at him. A police officer responding to the incident said that he was taken to a hospital with injuries consistent with grease burns on his face and arms.

Authorities are hoping to use security cameras to catch the employee. It is not clear, as of this writing, if Tonio has been charged with any crimes for his roles in the two incidents.

Meanwhile, Michael Retzer, Jr., the owner-operator of that particular McDonald’s location, said in a statement that the employee acted “improperly.”

“While the customer was threatening and harassing staff, our employee handled things inappropriately. The employee was immediately fired after we learned of the incident, and we continue to work closely with the police to further investigate.”

This is not the first time that a McDonald’s employee has responded questionably to an unruly customer. As the Inquisitr reported back in July, a McDonald’s customer and an employee got into a heated brawl over the customer allegedly pouring soda into a cup even though she didn’t pay for it. The video of the event has since been deleted, but before it was taken down from Instagram, the video showed the customer throw a milkshake at the employee. The much-larger employee, a woman, and the customer, also a woman, traded blows and obscenities before the video cut off.

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