Donald Trump Allies ‘Worried About Impeachment More Than Before,’ Reveals ‘New York Times’ Reporter

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After a historic day on which two of Trump’s top former lieutenants pleaded guilty or were convicted by a jury of eight federal crimes each, and Trump himself was directly implicated as a co-conspirator in two of those crimes, as the Inquisitr reported earlier Tuesday, Trump’s allies are now “worried about impeachment more than before,” according to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.

Writing on her Twitter account, Haberman — who according to CNN has covered Trump’s activities since 2011 — said, “The thinking goes like this: this is something tangible, not a theoretical. And it didn’t come from Mueller.”

“Mueller” is Russia investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who Trump has attacked repeatedly via Twitter, most recently calling Mueller “disgraced and discredited,” and even comparing Mueller to 1950s-era United States Senator Joe McCarthy who led a crusade to persecute alleged “communists’ in the U.S. government, via Twitter.

But the Cohen prosecutors are not part of the Mueller investigative team. Instead, they work for the United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York. Those prosecutors elicited the guilty pleas from Cohen, in which the former Trump lawyer and “fixer” said that Trump ordered him to make two six-figure “hush money” payments to women who reportedly had sexual relations with Trump in 2006 — pornographic actress Stormy Daniels and Playboy centerfold model Karen McDougal — to silence them during the 2016 presidential campaign, as the Inquisitr reported.

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Former Donald Trump lawyer Michale Cohen implicated Trump in two federal crimes on Tuesday.Featured image credit: Yana PaskovaGetty Images

Haberman noted that increased worries about Trump impeachment among Trump’s allies “does not mean it will happen, but this has moved to a different stage in their minds.” But those “Trump folks,” as Haberman called them, are not alone in their heightened belief that Trump may be impeached over the federal election crimes in which Cohen named him in court Tuesday. Bettors on the political prediction market PredictIt also increased the odds of Trump’s impeachment, according to a report by Newsweek.

PredictIt bettors now must wager 45 cents to win back one dollar if their prediction of Trump’s impeachment becomes reality. That price represents a five-cent increase in one day.

One Trump associate and political supporter, Michael Caputo, told Politico that the Cohen statements in federal court represent a low point for Trump — and is more dangerous for Trump than the eight guilty verdicts Tuesday against Trump’s 2016 campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

“The verdict in the Manafort trial isn’t nearly as worrisome to me as the Cohen agreement and the Cohen statement,” Caputo told the political site. “It’s probably the worst thing so far in this whole investigation stage of the presidency.”