‘House Of Cards’ Star Kevin Spacey Shares His Thoughts On Congress

House of Cards Netflix

Kevin Spacey is starring in the upcoming Netflix original series, House of Cards. The renowned actor spent time shadowing Congressional members from both sides of the aisle in preparation for his role.

Actors run the risk of alienating fans when delving into the political realm. Using the world stage to promote their views despite the financial risks involved in laudable. Actors have no more insight into politics than the average American. Some would argue less due to their ivory tower existence. But celebrities have a microphone at their disposal and a massive audience hanging on their every word.

Spacey was true to form in his utterances about the functionality of Congress. The actor is known for his unabashed desire to say exactly what he thinks. After showing his gratitude for the time spent with both Democrats and Republicans, the House of Cards actor offered his personal opinion about the expediency of our federal government.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Spacey referred to Congress as “sad” and “pathetic.” The actor had this to say about tagging along with our elected officials:

“I was really sort of trying to understand the specific process of what it might be like to corral 218 congressmen to vote your way. And as we’ve seen over the last year, with the most ineffective Congress, least productive Congress in the history of the United States – which is pathetic and very sad – it’s not easy to corral 218 congressmen to do what you want.”

It appears Spacey came to the same conclusion that many kindergarten teachers learn after spending a few weeks in the classroom. Wrangling cats would likely be easier than get a room full of very distinct individuals to be productive and do what you want all at the same time.

The House of Cards is not a series with a political agenda, according executive producer Beau Willimon. The show appears to focus on how the intoxicating nature of power can crumble any allegiance to the Constitution, the American people, or a political party.

Kevin Spacey’s personal political preferences remain somewhat of a mystery. Such a scenario might sit just fine with die-hard fans of the enigmatic star, who do not want to remove him from their favorite’s list because he bashes something they believe in.

Have you ever stopped watching a celebrity based upon their political comments?

Image Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com