Meghan Markle's Best Friend Shares Royal Wedding Inspired Photo Of Her Family

Morgaine Smith

The royal wedding was a celebrated event that had people from all over the world smiling at the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. No image captured this feeling better than of page boy, Brian Mulroney, who was wearing a huge, toothless grin while carrying Duchess Meghan's veil in one of the most memorable photos of the day. Over the weekend his mother, Meghan Markle's best friend, posted a picture on her Instagram account that proved he's still got that winning smile.

According to People, Jessica Mulroney posted a photo of her twin 8-year-old boys and her daughter posing with her on Sunday. The family is all dressed in white, and little Brian's smile is front and center.

"That face Brian is making reminds me…" She wrote on the post, possibly hinting at the same grin her son wore while following behind Duchess Meghan as she walked down the aisle on her wedding day.

"Best moment of the whole wedding – loved it."
"Special family. His reaction was my favorite part of the wedding. Although, the difference now is that his two top teeth are coming in. His surprise at the trumpets and being toothless was hilarious."

At the royal wedding, Jessica Mulroney was thought of as being "unofficial maid-of-honor" to Meghan Markle, while her twin sons and daughter were page boys and bridesmaid. A good thing for everyone who tuned in to watch the royal wedding and were charmed by the 8-year-old's grin and excited reaction to the trumpets.

"I asked him and he said he'd never heard a trumpet before. And I think when he walked in, I think he saw all the people there and the flowers — none of that was there during the rehearsal," Ben Mulroney, Brian's father, explained on CTV's Your Morning, which he co-hosts.