Prince William Is Worth A Fortune. Here’s Where It All Comes From

Jane BarlowGetty Images

Prince William, second in line to the British throne, is said to be worth approximately $40 million. This sum comes from a variety of different sources, including sizable inheritances.

The Queen Mother’s fortune

When Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, passed away in 2002, she left the majority of her roughly $89 million behind in a trust fund for her family members.

“Princes William and Harry will reportedly share about £14 million [$17.9 million] from the estate of their late great grandmother,” reported BBC News. “The bulk of the cash will go to the younger brother, since William will benefit financially by becoming king.”

This money was put aside for the princes back in 1994, eight years before her death.

Princess Diana’s inheritance

William’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, also left behind substantial sums for her sons, as well as other precious heirlooms. In accordance with her will, both Prince William and Prince Harry were to receive $12.75 million pounds upon the occasion of their 30th birthdays. William would have received this when he celebrated that milestone in 2012.

Diana also left behind a number of other items for her sons when she died. While some of these hold nothing but sentimental value such as home movies and letters, others, like her wedding dress made of thousands of pearls and satin, hold significant value. As reported by The Telegraph, she also left them each a diamond tiara, other pieces of designer clothing, and some of the family jewels. These were all kept in the care of her brother, Earl Spencer, on the Spencer family estate in Northamptonshire until she had indicated they be turned over to her sons.

Military salary

Prince William served in the Household Cavalry in the Blues and Royals regiment from 2006. During his tenure there, he ended up becoming a helicopter flight lieutenant in the RAF Search and Rescue Force. As a flight lieutenant, he was being paid a salary of between $68,000 and $74,000, according to Forbes.

He left the Air Force in 2013, and in 2015 took a civilian job at East Anglian Air Ambulance as a helicopter pilot. While he earned a salary that amounts to approximately $62,000 a year, he donates the entire sum to charity.

“Doing a job like this really helps me to be grounded and that’s the core of what I’m trying to become,” Yahoo reported him as saying at the time he first started. “I’m trying to be a good guy, to do what I can and trying to be a decent individual. At the moment I’m juggling it and enjoying it. While I’m still relatively young, I will manage the two jobs the best I can.”

Duchy of Cornwall

Prince Charles, William’s father, receives an allowance from the surplus of the Duchy of Cornwall, with which he funds his own “public, private, and charitable activities and those of his family.” This includes many of the expenses of Prince William, his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and their three children: Princes George and Louis, and Princess Charlotte. When Charles is crowned, the Duchy will be paid directly to William, and he will have the responsibility of distributing the money to everyone who is supposed to benefit from it.

According to the financial documents of the Duchy, Charles was paid $28.6 million between March 2017 and March 2018.


The royal family also benefits from the taxpayer, with a portion of taxes in the United Kingdom designated to covering the travel costs of the monarchy when on official business.