A Distraught-Looking Justin Bieber Receives Kisses From His Fiancée Hailey Baldwin

Star Max 2AP Images

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin continued to enjoy Bieber’s native home of Ontario, Canada, over the weekend and while the two were seen to be in mostly good spirits, it appears the Biebs was hit with another one of those bad days as he appeared rather distraught. Luckily, his fiancée was right by his side to shower him with kisses to make him feel better, as reported by the Daily Mail.

It wasn’t that long ago that Bieber, 24, and Baldwin,21, were spotted having an emotional-tearful exchange while out bike riding in New York City exactly one month after they became engaged. Photos capturing the couple attempting to console one another were immediately plastered throughout the media and left fans worrying that there might be trouble in paradise.

However, the “Sorry” singer was quick to ease his fans fears as he chalked up his and fiancée’s emotional states being due to nothing more than a bad day and explained the couple will experience more bad days in their life together in the future.

Well, it appears the “No Brainer” singer was right as he seemed to be having another bad day over the weekend. Although there were no tears this time around, Bieber’s distraught appearance was visible in a slew of photos that were taken.


It seems whatever Bieber was going through was not mutual as Baldwin, who was right by his side, immediately sprang into action and began showering her man with a couple of kisses to make him feel better.

As the couple walked hand in hand, Baldwin took the moment to plant a sweet kiss on Bieber’s hand as he still looked rather upset.


The two stopped walking for a moment as the model decided to kiss her fiancée directly on the lips and it would seem that was the kiss that did the trick as Bieber’s upset demeanor slowly began to vanish as the two continued walking as they held hands. The Biebs even took the time to take a photo with a fan afterward.


The couple’s weekend wasn’t all frowns as Baldwin shared a rare, intimate photo of her and her “absolute best friend” enjoying a romantic boat ride together on Sunday.


The couple arrived in Canada over a week ago so they could spend time with Bieber’s family. There is also the possibility that the two might be scouting wedding venues in the area as sources have claimed in the past that the “Never Say Never” singer wouldn’t be opposed to getting married in his home country.

While there is no set wedding date as of now, it was recently reported that the couple has put the brakes on any further wedding planning so they can enjoy being engaged.