Netflix Strangely Cancels ‘The Joel McHale Show’ Even After Ordering More Episodes

Joel McHale has been featured in films and been the lead on a number of different TV series, and he often develops quite a cult following. So many fans were disappointed when the E Network cancelled The Soup and they were thrilled with Netflix for bringing back some version of the same show. Oddly enough, the series that many thought was doing all right on the streaming giant has now been given the boot as well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix not only called it quits on The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale but The Break with Michelle Wolf too. It’s just really quite strange that both shows were already cancelled after barely being given much time at all to succeed.

The Joel McHale Show premiered back in February and many thought it was going quite well. Longtime fans of The Soup were happy to see him back on the air and making fun of virtually everything on television that deserves to be ridiculed.

Back in May, TV Line reported that The Joel McHale Show had six more episodes ordered after its initial 13-episode run ended. All six of those new episodes dropped at the same time on July 15, and that made fans think even more was coming.

Obviously, everyone was mistaken.

Joel McHale spoke with The Hollywood Reporter after his new show debuted on Netflix and he said that he felt as if he had finally found a home. Netflix was going to give him the freedom to speak more freely and joke about pretty much anything and everything that came to mind.

He even revealed what finally made him realize that E! was being too strict on him and The Soup.

“When they said, ‘Stop making fun of the Kardashians,’ that was pretty much it. Now we’re going to make fun of everything. We’re going to make fun of streaming services, we’re going to be making fun of reality shows in other countries. Of course, we will hit staples like The Bachelor or The Real Housewives. Those are like the basic food groups.”

Now, Joel McHale has had yet another series cancelled and he will have to continue expressing his true thoughts in his stand-up routine. Despite his own show being given the boot, McHale is going to continue appearing on Santa Clarita Diet which is another Netflix original.

The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale was the series that hardcore fans of The Soup had wanted for many years and they were thrilled to have him back. After its initial 13-episode run, Netflix, the additional episodes were ordered and it had fans thinking that his show was sticking around. Now, it’s been cancelled and the only hope is that some other network will want to hire McHale to make fun of everything.

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