Donald Trump Jr. Grew A Vacation Beard, Asks Instagram Followers If He Should Keep It

Kathy WillenAP Images

Donald Trump Jr. recently unplugged from all things internet and electronic and took a week-long vacation to the mountains with a bunch of friends. He posted a picture on Instagram on the August 9 of himself and some of his companions, announcing that it was “mountain time.” Trump Jr. clarified that he wouldn’t have access to his cell phone or “anything else for that matter” during his outdoor excursion.

Yesterday, Trump Jr. posted another Instagram picture indirectly announcing his return from the mountains. He revealed he wasn’t sure how he felt about having access to WiFi again after being unplugged during his week in the mountains. He also noted that he had an amazing time with some “really great friends” during his vacation.

Trump Jr. informed fans that he brought a bit of the mountain back with him in the form of a little scruff on this face. Using the hashtag “mountainman,” he asked his 1.3 million Instagram followers whether he should keep or ditch the vacation beard. “LMK your thoughts,” he said as he reached out for the opinions of his followers.

In just 24 hours, the picture had accumulated more than 3,000 comments giving their opinions on whether Trump Jr. should keep his vacation beard. He shared two different selfies with one featuring one with a serious facial expression and one with a smile, so his followers could see a few different instances of what the beard looked like on his face.

Unfortunately for the president’s son, his followers on Instagram are not proving to be very helpful in the decision to keep or ditch the mountain man scruff as the comments are pretty evenly split between loving and hating it.

“You are one of those men who are more handsome with a beard- KEEP IT,” one user exclaimed as they encouraged Trump Jr. to keep the beard. “Keep it, it’ll keep your face warm if your back in the mountains again in the winter. Plus you can’t go wrong with a beard. ‘Merica US,” a second user agreed.

A third user, however, thought Trump Jr. looked better when he was free of all facial hair, “Nah. You’re too handsome without it.” A fourth user chimed in also disapproving of the beard, “You are too handsome to hide your face.”

A few of his followers did comment that whether Trump Jr. keeps the beard or not is something he should wait to decide after he sees how his wife Vanessa feels about it.