Trump Will Regret Not Invoking Executive Privilege In Mueller’s Russia Probe, Chris Christie Claims

'It's bad legal advice,' Christie said before defending Don McGahn, who found himself 'in an impossible situation,' and now has to cooperate with Robert Mueller.

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Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP Images

'It's bad legal advice,' Christie said before defending Don McGahn, who found himself 'in an impossible situation,' and now has to cooperate with Robert Mueller.

Former Governor Chris Christie said Sunday that Donald Trump will regret waiving executive privilege in Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, The Hill reports.

According to Christie, the president shouldn’t have waived executive privilege, and he should have invoked the attorney-client privilege. He says that President Trump has his team of incompetent lawyers to thank for the situation he is now in, because his lawyers, according to Christie, were not working in the their client’s interest.

“You never waive that. Absolutely not. This shows what a C-level legal team the president had in Ty Cobb and John Dowd.”

“It’s bad legal advice,” Christie concluded, then went on to defend Don McGahn who found himself “in an impossible situation.”

Christie’s comments about Don McGahn are in reference to a New York Times story published August 18. Citing a dozen current and former West Wing officials briefed on the matter, the NYT reported on White House Counsel and Assistant to the President, Don McGahn, cooperating extensively with Robert Mueller.

McGahn, according to The New York Times, briefed Mueller’s team on Donald Trump’s attempts to put an end to the Russia probe. He reportedly detailed the president’s efforts to fire, and replace special counsel Robert Mueller, who is currently investigating whether Donald Trump had colluded with Kremlin during the 2016 presidential election.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier today, President Trump slammed the NYT report, calling it “fake,” and accusing Robert Mueller “and his gang of Dems” of refusing to look at “the real crimes,” he says Democrats have committed.

According to former Governor Chris Christie, it was the president’s decision to not waive client-lawyer privilege that opened the door for Robert Mueller. Now there is no going back, and McGahn has to cooperate.

“It put Don McGahn in an impossible situation. Because once you waive that privilege and turn over all those documents, Don McGahn has no choice then but to go in and answer everything, every question they can ask him.”

“I have nothing to hide,” the president tweeted, and his former personal lawyer, John Dowd, said that he was not aware “of any of the alleged apprehensions manufactured by The New York Times,” stating that White House Counsel Don McGahn was, in fact, a “strong witness” for Donald Trump, according to The Guardian.

The ongoing Mueller probe is about to reach what could perhaps one day be considered its culmination, since Trump and Mueller’s legal teams are in the process of arranging terms for a long-awaited sit-down.

The president’s legal team has been stalling, coming up with new ways to postpone the talk, and Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani offered an interesting explanation for why the president is hesitant to talk to Mueller.

As Vox reported earlier today, Giuliani argued that the president could perjure himself because “truth isn’t truth.”