Montana Gov. Steve Bullock Says He Would Support A Ban On Assault Weapons

According to CNN, Montana Governor Steve Bullock (D) announced on Sunday that he would support a ban on assault and semiautomatic weapons, solidifying another bold position amid speculation of a potential 2020 run.

Appearing on CNN‘s State of the Union Sunday morning, Gov. Bullock told host Jake Tapper that he “would” support an assault weapons ban.

“Now, there are things that we can do immediately,” Bullock continued, “everything from red flag laws to closing, sort of having a universal background check, to making sure that we’re doing everything we can, some age restrictions, magazine restrictions.”

“But let’s begin with everybody wants,” he noted, “to keep themselves and their families safe, and let’s try and find those values where we can move things forward.”

Bullock’s more radical position on Second Amendment rights comes only three months after he wrote an op-ed in the Great Falls Tribune, in which he changed his gun policy views once again, voicing his support for universal background checks. As Bullock keeps taking on new positions on gun rights, many have begun to wonder whether or not he is preparing for a presidential run in 2020.

Only two years earlier, during his gubernatorial re-election campaign in 2016, he released a statement expressing support for his state’s current gun laws at the time, adding that he opposes the concept of universal background checks and will always show support and stand up for the Second Amendment rights of all American citizens.

As of Sunday, however, the Montana governor has proved that he has significantly changed his tune since then.

In addition, Bullock went on to discuss how he thinks the Democratic party can win overall in the upcoming midterm elections in November. “I think the way that I’ve won in Montana,” he said, “is by showing up, by listening, not just by going to places where Democrats are, but going all across the state, giving them a reason to vote for me as well.”

While Bullock was successfully re-elected in his state in 2016, the majority of Montana voters also voted for President Trump. The Democratic governor has since gone on to reach out to more voters all across the country, even going to speak at the Iowa State Fair just last week. “I think if we actually are out there and we’re focusing not just in one part of the country, but if we believe that we share the values of most Americans and we fight for those values, Democrats can compete anywhere in this country,” he said.

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