Hilaria Baldwin Does Bikini Workout With Baby

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Hilaria Baldwin flaunted her stunning post-baby weight loss and sensational bikini body while doing a quick workout in her living room, all while caring for her infant son, who was born in May 2018.

In the video clip posted to Instagram, Hilaria gently kisses her baby while doing modified push-ups in her home. Judging by her fat-free physique, it’s hard to believe that Baldwin gave birth to her fourth child just three months ago.

As she did with her three previous pregnancies, Hilaria — a yoga teacher who’s married to actor Alec Baldwin — lost all her baby weight less than two months after childbirth.

‘I Work Really Hard To Be Really Strong’

Hilaria’s weight loss secrets were a mostly vegan diet and daily workouts that include cardio exercise, yoga, calisthenics, light weight-training and Pilates, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

Baldwin credited a healthy diet and regular exercise during her four pregnancies for her rapid post-baby weight loss.

The lifelong fitness buff said she made an effort to stay active and eat well during gestation, and that’s something she advises all moms to do — not only for their own health but for the health of their unborn baby.

Hilaria’s pregnancy fitness regimen was a stark contrast to fellow celebrity mom Kim Kardashian, who gained 70 pounds during each of her two pregnancies.

After tipping the scales at close to 200 pounds while pregnant, Kim recently slimmed down to a sleek 119 pounds, as the Inquisitr has reported.

Kardashian is now in the best shape of her life, and has an enviable bikini body, thanks to a healthy diet and weight-training workouts.

Hilaria Baldwin has also regained her sizzling pre-baby bikini body thanks to her fitness routine.

“I am somebody who is in shape before I get pregnant,” Baldwin told Us Weekly. “I get bigger when I’m pregnant, but I stay in pregnant-shape and I work really hard to be really strong and keep my circulation going.”

In addition to following a mostly-vegan diet during her pregnancies, Hilaria exercised every day, alternating between walking, lifting light weights, yoga workouts, and calisthenics.

Baldwin revealed that she ate some fish to get extra protein when she was pregnant but otherwise sticks to a mostly vegan diet.

The brunette beauty revealed on Instagram that she became a vegetarian when she was five-years-old.

At age 20, Hilaria gave up dairy and recently pivoted to a vegan diet. Baldwin said her favorite vegan snacks include quinoa chips, organic granola bars, and hummus.