Kristin Cavallari Says, ‘I Was A Slave To My Breasts!’

Former Hills star Kristin Cavallari is no longer in the MTV game, and she and NFL star boyfriend Jay Cutler are now raising a five-month-old baby boy, Camden.

You may know Kristin Cavallari best from her reality TV turn, but the 26-year-old new mom is more about diapers than divas nowadays. Cavallari recently dished on motherhood with Hollywood Life, and the ex-MTV star admits that, while parenthood is going well, she and Cutler have decided to give up on breastfeeding seven months short of American Association of Pediatrics recommendations because Kristen finds pumping and nursing to be a bit boring now.

Cavallari found the demands on her breasts to be a bit much, and, after five months, she is switching Camden off to formula — a “goat milk” one she says Cutler selected.

Speaking of her breastfeeding experience, Kristen tells the site that the novelty of nursing wore off pretty quickly:

“It’s hard … It was the hardest part of the whole thing and no one tells you that. I was a slave to pumping. Now we are giving him a goat milk concoction that Jay found.”

Cavallari did not explain why she was using a pump so frequently instead of nursing directly, and it should be noted that pumping milk is generally only a very common occurrence when a newborn is separated from his mother for much or most of the day. Most moms with access to their babies need to pump fairly infrequently, though many opt to in order to stock milk.

jay cutler and kristin cavallari

Kristen says that she and Cutler plan to wed soon but might expand their family sooner. She adds:

“We want a big family so I think sooner than later we will have another one. But it’s a little too soon, I just got my body back. I want to enjoy it! … I gained 25 lbs. when I got pregnant but I’m a healthy eater … I worked out during my pregnancy and I was breast feeding, until a few weeks ago.”

Do you agree with Kristin Cavallari about breastfeeding?