‘Bubble Gun’ Student Returns To Class Following Suspension

Mount Carmel, PA – The 5-year-old kindergarten student who was suspended after threatening to shoot her fellow classmates with a bubble gun has returned to class.

The unnamed student faced suspension after telling two girls that she intended to shoot them and then herself with a Hello Kitty toy. She did not have the item with her at the time. According to The Associated Press, Mount Carmel Area School District officials suspended the girl for 10 days. However, this punishment was later changed to two days.

The Hello Kitty gun in question reportedly shoots soapy bubbles. However, school officials thought the threat was reason enough to suspend the student for a couple of days.

The Patriot News reports that attorney Robin Ficker recently had a meeting with Superintendent Bernard Stellar, solicitor Edward Greco, and the girl’s family. After everything was all said and done, Ficker said the group had “worked it out.”

The student’s family is also interested in having her record expunged.

The 5-year-old’s mother told The News-Item during a recent interview:

“We got everything we requested. I wasn’t after any money in this. I just wanted what was in the best interests of my daughter. I just want this whole thing to be over with and I’m satisfied with the agreement that was reached. As long as they hold up their end of the bargain, I don’t plan on filing any lawsuits.”

Ficker said he was also “delighted” with the agreement. He added that his client was “very satisfied with the eight elements of the agreement that were reached. I wouldn’t be headed back to Maryland if I wasn’t satisfied with the results of the meeting.”

Although the school district has yet to comment on the arrangement, a previously-released statement explained that the “Mount Carmel Area School District takes the well-being and safety of students and staff very seriously. In discipline matters, all circumstances are taken into consideration when arriving at decisions.”

Do you think the little girl should have been suspended for threatening her classmates with a bubble gun?