After Melania Trump Chose Elegant Modern Decor For The White House, Donald Trump Swapped It For Gold Furniture

Melania Trump has been said to prefer 'clean, modern lines,' which is in marked contrast to Donald Trump's 'gilded, triumphal style.'

Donald Trump swapped Melania Trump's modern decor in the White House for gold and gaudy furniture.
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Melania Trump has been said to prefer 'clean, modern lines,' which is in marked contrast to Donald Trump's 'gilded, triumphal style.'

While Melania and Donald Trump may have many things in common, it can be concluded that decor is not one of them after the president swapped Melania’s elegant and modern decor in the White House for gaudy gold furniture.

According to Vanity Fair, the first lady is a devotee of “clean, modern lines” which is in marked contrast to Donald Trump’s “gilded, triumphal style.” After Trump’s inauguration, it will be remembered that Melania and Barron Trump stayed at their residence in New York so that Barron could finish the school year, only moving to the White House in June 2017.

Melania was extremely keen to make the White House look just right, posting a picture on Twitter of the view outside the window with the caption, “Looking forward to the memories we’ll make in our new home!”

Before Melania Trump moved in, she arranged to have the White House decorated in a subtle style, but this was reportedly changed quickly by the president. While he has refuted the idea that he ever called the place “a dump,” he has renovated the White House substantially since he has been in office.

These renovations include $5,000 wallpaper and a rug estimated to cost $17,000, along with numerous pieces of gold furniture that hearken back to the days of Louis XIV.

While the first lady’s communications director Stephanie Grisham has commented that “they both chose the decor,” according to the New York Times, an insider has alleged that this is not the case, explaining, “It’s an example of Mr. Trump’s tendency not to relent on even the smallest requests from his wife.”

Thomas J. Barrack Jr., who is close to President Trump, insisted that Melania Trump has the “strongest voice” in the White House and would appear to agree with Grisham’s assertion that the pair are a true husband-and-wife team, as USA Today has reported.

“He listens to her more intently than anyone and respects her advice and counsel not only because she is his wife, but because her loyalty, grace, trust, elegance under fire, intellect and instincts are time-tested and proven.”

According to friend Karen LeFrak, Melania Trump is “a woman of grit, never afraid to speak her mind. As a friend, I’ve seen how she handles her role as first lady with the same finesse and care as she uses in her friendships — always quality over quantity.”

However, in the clash in decorative taste between Melania and Donald Trump, it would seem that this round has been won by the president, at least as far as their furniture and surroundings in the White House go.