Rahm Emanuel Tells Mutual Fund Companies To ‘Blacklist’ Gun Companies [Op-Ed]

COMMENTARY | Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is now pressuring mutual fund companies to “blacklist” gun manufacturers who do not agree with the assault weapons ban. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Emanuel sent a letter to several banks imploring them to use their purse strings influence with major gun company clients.

All Americans should be concerned when a government official tries to use his (or her) power to push the public sector to comply with a personal agenda. I firmly support Second Amendment rights, but the topic of Rahm Emanuel’s demands is largely immaterial. Emanuel is entitled to exercise his free speech rights. But, he should never attempt to use his official capacity to pressure a business.

Today the gun industry is the target of government over-reach, what realm of the public sector will fall out of favor tomorrow? Eating too much chocolate cake and red meat are not good for your health. What if Emanuel and his big government pals decide to pressure lenders to agree to “common sense” restrictions on producers of those household staples next? Such a scenario may sound too bizarre to ever occur, but large sugary drink sellers are battling such a mandate in NYC right now.

Mayor Emanuel feels the assault weapons ban qualifies as common sense reform, according to letter excerpts republished on Fox News. Legal company functions should never be deterred by the personal beliefs of a government official.

Rahm Emanuel’s statement reads:

“The time is now for everyone to do anything they can to stop these military-style guns and magazines from ending up on the street. This has to be about doing what is morally right and not what is financially beneficial to their bottom lines.”

The Chicago mayor sent letters requesting mutual fund companies “divest” from gun manufacturers who do not agree with the gun ban to BlackRock, Capital World Investments, Vanguard, Allianz, Dimensional Fund Advisors, and James investment and Research.

Emanuel’s letter is just that, a piece of paper with printed text – it carries no official weight. Banks and mutual fund companies who believe in the Constitution should simply wad the mayor’s letter up in a ball and toss it in the nearest trash can.

How do you feel about government intrusion in the public sector?

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