KFC Launches Finger Lickin’ Good Fashion Line To Help Underprivileged Youth

Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC, has been known for their “finger lickin’ good” chicken, fries, and sides for decades, but now they are expanding into the world of fashion with a clothing and accessory line. The best part of this, aside from some snazzy merch, is that they are doing this to raise money to help underprivileged youth secure better skills and opportunities in life, as reported by Daily Telegraph. Money that is raised via merchandise sales will go to the KFC Youth Foundation, who will handle distribution of the proceeds. Before getting too excited, for now, this is only happening in Australia.

The accessories line includes a few nifty items, including a necklace bearing the KFC trademark slogan “Finger Lickin’ Good.” A line of pins, pens, and even Col. Sanders replica glasses are up for grabs. There is also scented surf wax, but the surfboards listed at $3,000 were so popular that they are already sold-out. What they expect to sell a lot of is the clothing line which includes tracksuits, socks, t-shirts, shorts, and budgie smugglers.

The clothes mostly bear the KFC corporate slogan, “Nug life,” or something clever such as “100% Original Recipe,” so far as the items that contain phrases. Everything else generally bears the colonel’s bow-tie, chickens, or buckets of chicken. KFC reports that everything is limited stock, so anyone looking to get some cool swag and help kids out in the process is encouraged to buy early and buy often, as there’s no telling when it will be available again.

According to the KFC Australia website, helping youth find their way to not just a better career but life as well is what their foundation is all about.

“90% of our restaurant team members are under 25, so building confidence in young Aussies everywhere is a cause that’s pretty close to our heart. Through the KFC Youth Foundation, we’re backing community partners and raising funds for mentorship, skills development, mental wellbeing and overcoming disadvantage.”

For anyone that would be interested in trying to grab an item or two, or even making a donation, KFC has built a website that is strictly geared to that. Fashion Magazine has professed that they are fans of the initiative and the clothing, giving the line their seal of approval.

“In a bizarre twist of fate, the fried-chicken powerhouse has released a limited edition collection that includes tees, jewelry, and accessories. What’s even more bizarre is that – dare I say – it’s kind of cute.”