‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Week 3 Spoilers: The Ladies Stress Over Roses & New Arrivals Shake Up Existing Romances

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Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for the episode airing on Monday, August 20 tease that things are going to be wild. Tia Booth is about to confront Chris Randone over his fawning over her and then kissing Krystal Nielson, and four ladies will be eliminated with the next rose ceremony. Jealousy will bubble up as everybody scrambles to develop relationships and fans have a lot to look forward to during this next show.

ABC notes that as Tia confronts Chris, Krystal will join in on the awkward discussion. Things will not end well for Randone and Booth, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that she’ll turn back to Colton Underwood and pursue that path yet again.

Unfortunately for Tia, a new arrival will ask Colton out on the date she has ahead of her. He’ll be rattled, however, flustered over whether or not he’s ready to head out on a date.

The next rose ceremony is coming up quickly and the women know that four ladies will be heading home. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that one “insecure” gal will hope to connect with one of the available guys, but one of the women newly arriving sets her sights on this man, too. It sounds as if it is Kenny who is suddenly the man of the moment, and some might guess that the insecure gal could be Annaliese.

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The new arrival is a “brainy beauty” who seems to hit it off with Kenny. However, the insecure gal will be hoping to woo Kenny with dessert when he returns, and soon another gal joins the battle over Kenny and seemingly hopes a cocktail party smooch will garner her his rose.

The preview from ABC teases that there’s an absurd moment coming up involving Jenna, David Ravitz, and Jordan Kimball. David gives Jenna a huge stuffed dog to celebrate her birthday, and Jordan quickly gets jealous, takes the dog, and tosses it into the ocean.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that Jordan’s tantrum may have Jenna second-thinking her blossoming romance with him. It sounds like he’ll offer her his rose, but she’ll hesitate over accepting it. Monday’s episode will seemingly end there, but there’s another show airing on Tuesday that will really shake things up.

So, who’s going home during Monday’s rose ceremony? Unfortunately, week-by-week Bachelor in Paradise spoilers haven’t emerged for Season 5. It seems likely that Caroline Lunny is at risk of being eliminated. Based on tidbits known about the rest of the season, it looks like Jubilee Sharpe, Nysha Norris, Bibiana Julian, and Angela Amezcua make up the rest of the most-likely at-risk crew.

Which couples find true love this summer in Mexico and which contestants leave heartbroken? Additional Bachelor in Paradise spoilers will emerge heading into the Week 3 episodes and it sounds like there’s a lot of great stuff on the way.