‘Days Of Our Lives’: Stephen Nichols Reveals The Shocking Real Reason He Left The Soap

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Days of Our Lives fans were stunned to find out that actor Stephen Nichols had left the soap earlier this summer. Now, the actor is revealing the real reason behind his sudden departure.

According to an August 15 report by Soap Hub, Stephen Nichols, who has portrayed the beloved character of Steve “Patch” Johnson on and off for decades, announced that he was leaving Days of Our Lives at the end of June. The actor didn’t give a specific reason, but it was reported that he and the show couldn’t settle their contract dispute.

Now, Nichols is telling fans exactly what happened that led him to be written off of the soap opera, and longtime viewers are not happy about his confession.

This week when one Days of Our Lives fans tweeted Stephen Nichols to tell him how much he and the character of Steve Johnson has meant to her and countless other viewers, the actor finally spoke up.

Stephen revealed that he had accepted the show’s offer to him, which was a 30 percent pay cut after negotiations. After coming to terms that he wasn’t going to get the money he was once earning, the actor says he agreed to the pay cut only to be written off the soap without warning.

“I am touched and humbled by your kind words. I will be forever indebted to you and all of our dedicated supporters who give so much love. I accepted their offer after trying unsuccessfully to negotiate something better than a 30% cut. With no warning -written out. Truth[.]”

Fans immediately began to comment on the post and were very upset that Days of Our Lives had treated a fan favorite actor, who had spent several years on the show, so poorly. The actor received hundreds of comments about his shocking claims, most of which were in support for his situation, and asking the soap opera to bring him back.

For me, Days of Our Lives is home and I want to be there … I love the people, I love Steven Earl Johnson and I love what Mary Beth and I have been able to create together. I was excited to see what this new team would bring for us and for all of Salem. I’ve been in this business long enough to understand the rotation of stories, and I get that we can’t always be at the forefront. And despite my disappointment in the lack of story this past year, I’ve always worked hard and we’ve always tried to find the moments in whatever we’ve been given. I think we did that. Whenever I see a scene or montage you guys post, I am so touched and I remember just how much story we told for so many years and how rich it was. I’m so grateful for that. And I know that there are still years of Steve and Kayla’s story left to be told. I hope we get to tell that story. Your unwavering support tells me you hope that too. Thank you and much love, Stephen #Days @marybeth.evans #patchandkaylaforever

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, back in June when the news of Stephen Nichols’ exit was reported, he took to social media to reveal that he loved his time on Days of Our Lives and his co-stars, as well as the character he played. He called the soap opera “home” and revealed that he wanted to be there.

The actor also said that he believes there are “years” of Steve and Kayla’s story left to tell on the soap, and that he “hopes” he will get to “tell that story.”

Days of Our Lives airs weekday afternoons on NBC.