Chris Brown Reacts To Drake Dissing Ex-GF Karrueche Tran On Mixtape

By now, we know that Chris Brown pretty much wears his heart on his sleeve. If he has something to say, odds are you and everyone else is going to know about it, whether it's on his Instagram or Twitter.

Singer-rapper Drake has had his beefs with Brown, which even resulted in a physical altercation at one point, but for the most part it seemed like the two put their differences aside, and no longer talk about each other in the press. That was until just recently.

Drake released a mixtape with artist Future, and on that mixtape there's a song called "Live from the Gutter." In it, Drake takes aim at Brown's ex Karrueche Tran, the same girl that Brown was chasing all over LA a few months back in an effort to get back with her. Many think this was Drake's way of dissing Chris Brown once again.

On the track, Drake raps, "This is for my n---as on that bulls--t and that nonsense, this is for my dawgs that go Karrueche with the chopsticks."

Brown responded on Instagram by posting to his social media account. Although he didn't name Drake or refer to the track, everyone that was following, or heard the track, knew exactly what Chris Brown was talking about.

Brown said, "I'm too blessed for the bulls—t. People who have had to sit and watch me for years do me and watch their females actually love me always show their insecurities."

He continued, "I embrace anything God has given me. It's bigger than this music s--t. I'm content with being Chris Brown. A lot of people are unhappy and a lot of these artists lie to the fans or rely on hype to gain substance. You n---as bore me. Ima keep being who God made me to be! 100 #IAMMUSIC #Othersbarelyholdanote #thesehandsworkgreat."

As soon as the mixtape dropped fans on Twitter pointed out the Karrueche Tran diss.

Do you think Drake dissed Chris Brown through Karrueche?

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for H&M]