Pearl Jam Shares Concert Poster Depicting Burning White House And The Corpse Of President Trump

Pearl Jam shared images of the poster for their August 13 concert and was met with harsh criticism over the design, which features a burning White House and the corpse of President Donald Trump.

The concert was intended to help promote Democrat Senator John Tester, who is depicted in the poster driving a tractor above the burning remains of Washington, D.C. His rival, Matt Rosendale, is shown waving a lobster claw in place of his hand and holding a sign that says “Maryland.” The design drawn by Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Amet and artist Bobby Skullz goes on to depict the corpse of President Trump laying on the lawn of the burning White House, a bald eagle atop his back and picking at his remains. The president’s hand is reaching for a briefcase marked with the Communist party hammer and sickle.

As Fox News reports, the band shared the poster image on Instagram along with a message from Amet endorsing Tester.

“We’re at a tipping point and its [sic] time for action. Jon Tester is the real deal and nobody cares more about our country and especially Montana,” his statement reads.

Matt Rosendale criticized the poster in a statement to Fox News, saying “Once again, Jon Tester has shown he will stand with the far-left over Montanans. This poster from Pearl Jam is disgusting and reprehensible. It depicts a dead President Trump and a burning White House. It’s time for Jon Tester to denounce this act of violence and blatant display of extremism.”

Representatives for Tester have so far been mum on the subject. There might well be a select few that have chosen not to comment, with thousands of people making statements on social media about the poster. The majority of the comments are negative, and many Pearl Jam fans have denounced the band’s decision to use the poster.

In one statement, a fan wrote that Pearl Jam had been their favorite band, but now they were having second thoughts. They go on to acknowledge the band has made no efforts to hide their far left politics but, as the former fan writes, the poster was taking things too far.

“I never realized you supported hatred and violence, always thought you were about love and peace. I have no problem with a difference of opinion, but this is disgusting.”

The band has yet to comment on the backlash.

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