Jinger Duggar Shuts Down Comments After Getting Mom-Shamed Over Recent Photo Of Felicity

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Mom-shaming is on the rise these days, but Jinger Duggar has found a way to deal with it all. Duggar gave birth to her baby girl, Felicity Nicole, just three weeks ago and is already getting some negative comments on social media about her parenting.

The reality star posted an adorable photo of her daughter sitting in a car seat on her Instagram and the comments started to flood in. In the time since the photo was posted on Tuesday, the comment section has been wiped clean.

It appears that Jinger has decided that enough was enough and has apparently turned off the comments on that particular snapshot. The new mom has chosen not to respond to any of the negativity that was written about her child in the photo and instead has pulled the plug, stopping them altogether.

The Duggar family’s situation is not an isolated event. Mom-shaming on social media has become something of an epidemic recently. Most celebrity moms have had to endure this at one time or another when sharing photos of their kids publicly.

How bad were the comments? While they are not visible any longer, Cafe Mom revealed what some of the comments were about before they got removed. Many of the comments referred to Felicity Nicole in her car seat, mostly references to her not being situated correctly or that the straps aren’t on right. Others had pointed out that the newborn’s face was full of acne, which is certainly not uncommon at all in babies.

The big pink bow that the three-week-old had on her small head also caused some concerns. A few comments supposedly stated that the bow could be a suffocation hazard, as Cafe Mom pointed out. These types of headbands are seen quite frequently on babies, but most often when they are newborns, which Felicity still is.

These negative comments are not new for the Duggar family. Any time Jill Dillard or Jessa Seewald posts photos of their kids, the mom-shamers appear to tell them what they are doing wrong and calling their parenting into question. Jessa sometimes claps back when she sees someone bashing her mothering skills. Just recently she responded to someone on Instagram questioning why her two-year-old son, Spurgeon, was not potty trained yet, causing Seewald to explain her philosophy on that issue.

Jeremy Vuolo also got his first taste of his parenting being questioned. A recent photo of him and his baby girl sitting in front of a laptop prompted a few trolls stating that it’s not good for children that age to be staring at a computer screen.

All in all, most comments are pretty positive when Jinger Duggar, or her sisters, shows off a photo of their kids. Everyone has an opinion, but sometimes it may get to be too much. Hopefully, this won’t keep the Counting On star, and her husband Jeremy, from posting more adorable snaps of their daughter. They may just choose to keep the comments disabled for now, but still share their new life in pictures.