Pregnant Reality Star Lyric McHenry Found Dead On Sidewalk With No Pants And A Bag Of Cocaine

Lyric McHenry, the 26-year-old reality star who starred in the E! show EJNYC along with the son of Magic Johnson, EJ Johnson, was found dead on a Bronx sidewalk of what police suspect could be a case of drug overdose. She was 20 weeks pregnant at the time of her death, but the identity of the father is not known.

The New York Daily News reported that McHenry was found at 5 a.m. above the Major Deegan Expressway at Undercliff Avenue and Boscobel Place in Highbridge in the Bronx area of New York. She did not have any pants on at the time she was found, wearing only a pajama top and underwear. Police also recovered a small bag of cocaine on her.

After the police found her unconscious and unresponsive on the sidewalk, McHenry was immediately transferred to the Lebanon-Bronx hospital where she was pronounced dead a short while later. The medical examiner has not yet released the cause of her death, but police suspect that she might have died of an overdose.

The young star’s reported death came hours after she was seen hanging out with friends celebrating her birthday. She updated her Instagram account several times during the night, which showed her visiting the Frederick Hotel, the Soho Grand Hotel, and the Dream Hotel, even posting a clip nearly four hours before she was found on the sidewalk. In the clip, she could be seen sitting next to a male friend and blowing a kiss on the camera, according to People.

Her sister, Maya McHenry, who also starred on the brief one-season run of EJNYC, posted a picture of the evening on her Instagram as well, thanking her elder sister for being an inspiration for her.

“I’m so lucky to have you in my life and that you’re my big sister,” Maya captioned the post. “I wouldn’t choose anyone else! Your wisdom and talent amazes me more each day.”

McHenry was also known to be great friends with EJ Johnson, Magic Johnson’s son, who also starred on EJNYC. Last week, he had wished “best friend” Lyric her last birthday with a picture on Instagram.

“Happy birthday to my best friend who has strutted with my in princess gowns since day 1 @lyric_leigh words cannot express how much I love and appreciate you in my life. Your constant love, respect and companionship gives me the confidence to live my truth every single day and I am so blessed that even as baby divas we recognized the greatness in each other. I love you,” he wrote.