Safaree Samuels Says Nicki Minaj Stabbed Him While They Were In A Relationship

Arnold Turner, Charles SykesAP Images

Nicki Minaj may have a new album out but it looks like she and her ex, Safaree Samuels, have some old issues that they need to sort out. Samuels, a cast member on Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood, took to Twitter to allege that the “Anaconda” rapper stabbed him while they were still in a relationship. In the tweet, he also implies that this wasn’t the first incident of domestic violence during their time together.

“Remember the night you cut me and I almost died,” he wrote. “The police and ambulance had to take me out the crib on a stretcher and I had to lie and tell them I was trying to kill myself so they wouldn’t take you to jail. When things like that start happening more than once it’s time to dip.”

Some of Samuels and Minaj’s physical altercations are part of the public record. As TMZ reported back in July 2011, police were called to a hotel room they were staying at in Dallas. The police report revealed that the rapper had accused her now ex-boyfriend of hitting her in the face with a suitcase. Minaj ended up with a cut lip as a result.

“[Nicki’s] teeth struck the inside of her lower lip, causing the inside of the lower lip to cut and start to bleed,” the police report read.

She did not press charges against Samuels, who was thought to be her assistant at the time.

In 2014, TMZ reported that Minaj and Samuels broke up after a heated argument in which she bashed his Mercedes Benz with a baseball bat. She also reportedly disposed of his clothing. According to TMZ, the police were called to Nicki’s house but no arrests resulted from the incident.

The tweet about the stabbing was just one of several in which the two exes traded accusations against each other. It looks like the exchange was triggered by Minaj speaking about the claims that Samuels ghostwrote her raps on a recent interview with Hot 97.

“How many times have I said I never wrote ur raps?” Samuels tweeted at around 11 a.m. “Nobody even talks about that anymore.”

Minaj accused Samuels of stealing her credit cards.

“U stole my card & told me you thought it was an account with “free money” that I didn’t know about,” she wrote.”On God.”

Rapper Tyga was inadvertently drawn into the “beef” when Nicki claimed that she paid for Safaree to get a corrective procedure for baldness and used the same doctor that the “Rack City” rapper went to. Safaree admitted that he got the procedure done but that he and Tyga didn’t go to the same doctor, they just went on the same day.

It looks like Minaj has promised to feed her fans with more information on her Apple Music radio show, Queen Radio.