Julianne Hough Shows Off Her Incredible Legs In Death-Defying Stunt Video

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Julianne Hough revealed her seriously toned legs as she took on a death-defying stunt in a new video posted to her Instagram account. The ex-Dancing with the Stars professional dancer and judge rocked a slinky black jumpsuit in a new video she shared with her followers before risking falling off a very high ledge up in the sky.

The seriously dangerous video showed Hough standing high up on a ledge that appeared to be so tall it was above the clouds.

Standing pretty close to the edge, Julianne then proved that she’s a serious daredevil as she leaped high in the hair, before then landing back down on just one foot.

Hough, who was revealing her seriously toned legs and arms in the clip, then smiled for the camera while bending her back after – fortunately – landing back down on the ground safely following her death-defying ledge jump.

“Living life ON THE EDGE! It’s just more fun that way. I feel more alive, more grounded, more connected,” the dancer and actress told her followers in the caption.

“Every day I ask that my words, or my actions or my MOVEMENTS empower at least one person,” she then continued, asking her 4.3 million Instagram followers, “What do you do to feel empowered and to empower others?”


The video was a hit with fans, having received more than 925,000 views and more than 121,000 likes since she first shared it online on August 12, though not everyone was so thrilled with Hough risking her life by leaping so close to the edge.

A number of the star’s followers called her out in the comments section, scolding Hough for taking her life in her hands in the clip.

“Please don’t do that!!! I know what you did to my heart I can just imagine your mother’s….” one fan told Julianne in the comments, while a second told the actress, “That looks frightening! Be careful girl, don’t want anything happening to you. You are very brave [though].”

Julianne Hough shows off a death defying stunt & her toned body
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But while some were quick to scold Derek Hough’s sister, who wed hockey player Brooks Laich last year, others praised her for her confidence and for taking some risks by living life on the edge.

“So beautifully amazing in every way! Love you!!” one person wrote in the comments, and a second said of her impressive stunt, “Umm…girl you must have a balance of steel and some serious courage! Holy moly.”

But this isn’t the first time Julianne has shown off her adventurous side on social media recently.

As Inquisitr previously shared, Hough recently slipped into a bikini for some fun on the water with her brother Derek as she showed off her wakeboarding skills during what appeared to be a fun and energetic family vacation just last week.

Inquisitr also reported that the Safe Haven actress shared an inspiring message about “self care” while posing in the bathtub in another recent upload.