Luann De Lesseps Tells Megyn Kelly That Drama With Ex-Husband And Kids Led To Her Second Stint In Rehab

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Fresh off her second stint in rehab, Luann de Lesseps is starting to open up about the events that led to her downfall.

Earlier today, Luann sat down with Megyn Kelly Today for her first interview since being released from rehab for the second time. As fans of the reality star will recall, de Lesseps checked herself into rehab back in July, causing her to miss the Real Housewives of New York City reunion taping.

And as it was alleged in the press, Luann confirmed that the lawsuit brought forth by her husband and two children was to blame. De Lesseps explained to Kelly that she wanted to change her life and move to upstate New York to do so. She said that in order to purchase the house that she wanted in upstate New York, she needed to sell her home in the Hamptons, and her children, Noel and Victoria, were not happy about that as the profits from the house sale were to be used to create a trust “for the benefit of her two children.”

“I needed more privacy and a lot of people know where I am and I just needed a fresh start. But the kids were not happy with it and the ex-husband came to visit and he decided to block me and sue me. And I’m so nice, I let him stay at my house because we have a great relationship,” the reality star explained. “And we still do. I mean, I understand why he did it because I was really going big up there, upstate, with a really big property. Since then, I’ve decided to take something smaller and keep my home for the children because I love them.”

But when she lost the house that she had her heart set on mixed with the fact that she felt “betrayed” by her husband and children after having found out that she was being sued in the press, that is when Luann went off the deep end again. That night, her friend was making watermelon Martinis, she says, and that is when one drink led to two and more and thus, things got out of control.

“Anyway, I had two or three of those and then I had I think two bottles of rosé by myself. And then I had probably a six-pack of beer or something. I was dancing in my kitchen with a bikini on and a Panama hat. … I don’t know when to stop.”

Luckily, rehab did her well and the 53-year-old told Kelly that she feels “great,” while also noting that every single day is a struggle to stay sober. Additionally, Luann revealed that she is going on 30 days sober and hopes that she can continue on the right path.

“I go to AA meetings and I follow up with my treatment and I take it very seriously. I love meetings and I have a whole new family and a way of supporting myself,” she says.

As for drinking socially like she did in many episodes of RHONY? De Lesseps says that she is not wired that way and one or two glasses of wine isn’t something she can do, claiming that instead, she’ll drink the whole bottle.

Now, Luann credits her newfound love of her cabaret show for “saving my life right now.”