‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Shifts Blame To Others, Referring To ‘Lots Of Lies’

Aaron DavidsonGetty Images

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel had been quiet on social media for some time, but late last week he came out swinging again at the usual suspects. But for all of the bluster over the weekend (much of which has now been tweeted and deleted), it’s the subtle movements that are the most telling.

The targets of Ravenel’s finger pointing are the same as they ever were: Patricia Altschul, Kathryn Dennis, and Bravo. People Magazine says that Thomas is insisting that there have been lies presented on Southern Charm and in the Southern Charm reunion that portray him as a sadist.

“Lot of lies on #SouthernCharm. For example, I am sadistic [because] I requested 3 drugs tests of [Kathryn Dennis] per week. Fact is I requested only 3 tests over the course of an entire year.”

Ravenel’s girlfriend who appeared on the reunion show allegedly to defend him gave a number greater than three for the tests, and Kathryn Dennis herself stated that she was called in for testing (blood, urine, and hair) whenever Ravenel was annoyed about something.

When Twitter followers laid out the case that he was a sadist, referencing the accusations of rape against him by his children’s nanny, he responded saying that when he is vindicated, that person will have egg on their face.

But while Ravenel is known for outbursts that are then deleted, it’s the quiet things that are more telling. Ravenel’s Instagram account has now been scrubbed of all evidence of his Southern Charm Season 5 girlfriend.

But even though it was reported in People Magazine that Ravenel’s girlfriend broke things off with him, the total removal from Instagram makes it look like the Bravo star was the dumper and not the dumpee. Sources close to production have hinted that Ravenel is still in contact with the producers at Haymaker, and despite protestations, he wants to be back on the show. There has been buzz of Ravenel following in the footsteps of Kathryn Dennis (going to rehab and then doing a redemption tour on the show), but for now, it’s all talk, as the investigation into accusations of sexual assault still dog the former politician.

The idea of Ravenel going to rehab is not out of the question as People Magazine says he’s been there before. In his 2007 conviction for cocaine distribution, Ravenel sought help for his addiction issues.

“Ravenel has had a history of trouble with the law, dating back to 2007 when — as South Carolina’s treasurer — he was indicted on federal cocaine distribution charges. He was sentenced and served 10 months in jail, and went to rehab as well.”

But considering that Ravenel is still in a custody battle, it’s unlikely that he would be willing to go to rehab at this time, even if that was a deal-breaker for Bravo.