Demi Lovato Update, New Details Emerge From Night Of Near-Fatal Overdose, Per ‘Radar Online’

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A new report published by Radar Online reveals more details surrounding the night singer Demi Lovato experienced a near-fatal drug overdose before being rushed to the hospital on July 24.

Radar alleges that Lovato’s overdose was likely triggered by oxycodone laced with fentanyl. The site alleges in a news story that the singer “texted a drug dealer to come to her home at around 4:00 a.m. on July 24.”

At the time, she had been celebrating backup dancer and pal Dani Vitale’s birthday at Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles, according to Radar.

Radar alleges that Lovato reportedly “bought oxycodone from the dealer and smoked it from a piece of tin foil.” The drug was allegedly laced with fentanyl, a narcotic used to treat severe pain.

The site continued its reporting by stating that after Lovato smoked the drugs, she laid down on her bed and began to experience “slower breathing.” The report alleges the dealer “fled the scene at that point.”

It was previously reported by the outlet that a Lovato staffer administered Narcan when she was unable to revive the singer. She was soon transported by ambulance to Cedars Sinai Hospital.

Lovato checked into a long-term rehabilitation facility in Arizona for help in combatting her addictions, but not before taking a trip to Chicago with her mother Dianna Hart, who accompanied her daughter to meet with a team of addiction specialists and doctors “that were very influential to her in early recovery,” reported Radar.

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A source told Radar that Lovato and her mother went to Timberline Knolls treatment center, where the singer rehabbed for three months in 2010.

“The team at Timberline reached out to Demi to try and convince her to get treatment there after her overdose, but she was too ashamed and embarrassed to go there because of their long history,” the source told Radar.

A report by Entertainment Tonight suggested that Demi Lovato was “stressed out” and “overworked” before landing in the hospital. A source close to the situation told Entertainment Tonight that the “Tell Me You Love Me” singer’s downward spiral began in the spring of 2018.

“She pushed away everyone that tried to call her out or help her including sober coaches, friends, and management,” the source said to ET.

“The trouble is that Demi has been more successful than ever, and everyone wants a piece. It becomes this perfect storm. She pushed away all the people who are there to protect her,” the source continued.

Demi Lovato remains in a long-term treatment facility, getting help for her addictions.