‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Colton Faces Questions From The Guys Over Tia As They Worry He’s Playing Her

Paul HebertABC

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for Monday’s episode hint that this may well be another show focused primarily on Colton Underwood and Tia Booth. The two went on a date during the Season 5 premiere and there were sparks of fireworks, but she had also gone on a date with Chris Randone and that’s going to cause some friction.

A sneak peek from ABC News shares that some of the guys will be talking about Colton and Tia while they’re away. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that there’s a confrontation on the way, and it’ll involve Chris, Nick Spetsas, and Jordan Kimball banding together against Underwood once he returns from his date.

Randone will seemingly be the ringleader here, noting that he and his buddies think that Underwood is playing games and playing with Booth’s emotions. After Tia and Colton’s date, the three men will confront Underwood, wondering if he is still in love with Bachelorette Becca Kufrin and perhaps dismissing Tia’s feelings and needs.

Colton will try to explain himself, but it doesn’t look like he’s talking to a particularly receptive audience. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that he’ll try to detail how he’s hoping to have fun and work on himself, anxious to figure things out after being rejected by Becca.

The guys will question how Underwood chose to use his date card, seemingly pushing that he should be exploring the potential with the other ladies there. Colton will note that he invited Tia on the date because he felt there was a conversation they needed to have, adding that he hadn’t spoken to Booth since Kufrin sent him home.

As Chris pushes Colton, Underwood will admit that he doesn’t know what he wants with Tia. Randone will insinuate that Colton should already know whether there’s a future with Tia since they had a prior relationship, having known one another for “so long.”

The guys say that things should just be over with Tia as they’ve already had their shot, and Underwood should already know if he likes her or not. Colton says that he doesn’t know what he wants, as he can’t just flip a switch and turn things back on with Tia after what he went through with Becca.

Of course, Chris has some ulterior motives here, since he likes Tia and wants to continue pursuing her. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that things will not be completely resolved during this conversation, as the Tia and Colton topic will cause waves throughout the rest of the episode.

Are Tia Booth and Colton Underwood destined to be together? However things do progress for the two of them this summer, their recent tweets certainly signal that they remain on friendly terms if nothing else. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that there’s a lot more on the way and viewers have episodes coming up on both Monday and Tuesday nights this summer as Season 5 progresses.