Stranded Women On A Rainbow Unicorn Float Rescued By Minnesota Police

Mabel AmberPixabay

We all joke about wanting to ride a unicorn over a rainbow, but five women in Minnesota got stuck while riding their rainbow unicorn over the weeds.

While having a girl’s day out on a Chisago County lake, their unicorn float got caught on some weeds in the water. Despite having paddles, they were effectively stuck. The raft’s large size and the weeds’ thickness made it impossible to move, but the women decided to wait for help before clambering into the muddy water.

This left them stranded until two Minnesota police officers spotted them. Police initially pulled over to ask the group for a photo, but the women were happier to see them than they were to see the rainbow unicorn. They waved the deputies over to ask for help, and the photo-op quickly turned into a rescue mission.

Deputy Scotty Finnegan played their knight in shining armor, tossing the women a rope from the docks. He dragged them back to shore, saving all five of them from the mucky lake. According to the sheriff’s post on Twitter, the rescue involved “a handful of laughs and some mad rescue roping skills.”

According to Fox News, the women were lucky that police happened across their doomed voyage. The deputy told reporters that the women would have had a hard time getting out of the weeds unassisted, and it would have been messier and far less funny. Luckily, Scotty and his partner arrived just in time to give their fairy tale journey a happy ending.

However, the Chisago deputies still got plenty opportunities to snap photos of the giant float and its occupants — as they dragged them back to safety.

One of the deputies filmed the event, standing a little ways away while Scotty tried to reel them back to shore.

The video features Scotty throwing them the rope, and the women leaning over the edge of the raft to give him leverage as he begins pulling. With a bit of elbow grease, they manage to dislodge the float from the weeds, allowing the deputy to pull it towards the dock. Once the women make it to shore, they clamber onto solid land, laughing all the way.

After being rescued, the women thanked the officers. None of them were injured, and according to the New York Post, the float even survived the adventure unscathed as well.

Rainbow Unicorn Float will live to see another day and swim another lake. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get stuck on a weed patch next time!