North Carolina Woman, 66, Mauled To Death By Pit Bulls During Walk In Her Neighborhood

Gerald HerbertAP Images

A 66-year-old North Carolina woman, whose name hasn’t been made public, was mauled to death during a walk in her own neighborhood, according to police.

According to an ABC News report, the woman went on a walk on Thursday, and when she didn’t return, her husband reported her missing via 911 after he couldn’t find her himself. Unfortunately, authorities found her on the side of a rural road in western Montgomery County where the dogs had left her after the attack.

Authorities found two dogs in the area, and the dogs’ owner is cooperating with police. Montgomery County Sheriff Chris Watkins said, “This is a very tragic event, which has deeply affected the family, friends, deputies and first responders. Our thoughts and prayers are being extended to all.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only recent instance of a pit bull attack. In fact, in New York City, a pit bull attack was caught on video. According to an ABC 7 report, the unleashed dog viciously attacked a King Charles spaniel named Buckles in Washington Heights last week on Thursday morning.

Buckles, a rescue dog, and his owner were walking to the park when they crossed paths with an unleashed pit bull at 180th Street and Pinehurst Ave in Washington Heights. “The other dog came directly toward us and latched onto my dog,” said Buckles co-owner Abby. Abby also sustained scratches during the attack, and she said that the pit bull went straight for her dog’s throat refusing to let go.

Now, after extensive reconstructive surgery, Buckles faces a long road to recovery. A man quickly leashed the pit bull and removed it from the scene, and police have not located the attack dog’s owner.

In yet another attack, Fox News reports that a pit bull attacked its owner and the owner’s relative in Miami yesterday leaving them both injured. According to an eyewitness to the event named Mr. Williams, “When the dog bit him, [the owner] went to get a towel, but the dog had a taste of his blood, and his granddaddy was outside, and the dog attacked his granddaddy. It tore his face off.”

Animal control officers took the dog after the attack, and there’s no information on what became of the canine.

While many people defend this breed and blame bad owners when attacks occur, this breed is incredibly strong and can cause extensive damage in a short period of time. The breed gets a bad reputation as do its owners. These types of attacks make headlines often.