Meghan Markle May Wait A While To Get Pregnant With Her First Royal Baby, ‘Daily Express’ Hints

Chris JacksonGetty Images for the Invictus Foundation

Meghan Markle is reportedly anxious to start a family, but it may have to wait at least a little longer.

Amid rumors that the newest member of the royal family hopes to start having children as soon as possible, a new report from the Daily Express hints that she may need to put off those plans at least in the immediate future to tend to more pressing matters.

As the report noted, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are set to head out of their first royal tour later this year, traveling to Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and the Kingdom of Tonga. The trip includes a stay in Sydney for the Invictus Games from October 20 to 27.

As the report speculated, it could likely be impractical for Meghan to try getting pregnant anytime before the endeavor.

“Meghan will most likely want to avoid all the side affects that come with travelling while pregnant, especially since all eyes will be on her during this highly-anticipated tour,” the report noted. “The NHS says most women are able to travel safely while pregnant, but remind expecting mothers of the potential symptoms and to be cautious.”

Prince Harry could have a little extra caution as well after watching sister-in-law Kate Middleton suffer from extreme morning sickness for her pregnancies, a condition that even left her hospitalized at times. The nausea and other conditions are worst earlier in the pregnancy, meaning it may already be too late for the couple to conceive before the trip.

Since the Royal Wedding in May, there has been plenty of international focus on when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would start their family and all kinds of predictions about when it will happen. There have been reports that Meghan wants to waste no time in getting pregnant and others claiming she is very cautious about the effect having children would have on the environment, leaving her to determine that she wants no more than two kids. That report didn’t say exactly when Meghan planned to start, however.

The Sun even consulted columnist Kerry King, a Tarot reader, to try to divine just when Meghan Markle will have her first baby. King’s reading determined that it’s likely the royal couple will be pregnant by the end of the year — which would also fit with the prediction from the Daily Express that she and Prince Harry may wait until after their big trip.