Trump Supporter Calls Police On African-American Democrat Handing Out Fliers

According to the 'Washington Post,' the woman spoke with a Slavic accent and tried to intimidate Democrats in the area.

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According to the 'Washington Post,' the woman spoke with a Slavic accent and tried to intimidate Democrats in the area.

Jesse Hamilton is a member of the New York State Senate and was elected in 2014. According to the Washington Post, Hamilton was recently handing out fliers on a public sidewalk in an attempt to rally party support for upcoming elections. The fliers reportedly spoke of resisting President Donald Trump and his policies and had the words “Rising up Democrats!” on it.

Hamilton and his assistants helped hand out fliers to Brooklyn residents until a currently unidentified white woman, who identified herself as a Trump supporter, apparently began getting confrontational. According to the report, the woman requested that Hamilton and his aides leave the area and became enraged when they refused.

That anger led the woman — who WaPo states spoke in a Slavic accent — to call the police. Police officers did ultimately show up on the scene, but were not receptive to the woman’s demands that they remove local Democrats from the area.

Police officers departed without making any arrests or removing anyone from the situation. Hamilton stated that he then left the area of his own volition, not wanting to be involved with the situation any longer.

Actor Machel Montano and New York State Senator Jesse Hamilton speak onstage in 2016. Eugene Gologursky / Getty Images

Unfortunately for Hamilton, giving the situation time to cool off wasn’t enough. When he later returned to the area to give it another go, he was once again confronted by the angered Trump supporter, who again tried to intimidate Hamilton and his aides from speaking with constituents.

One of Hamilton’s aides used his phone to take video of the woman as she spoke on the nature of immigrants, while expressing approval for Donald Trump’s presidency.

“Some immigrants don’t have a good work ethic… I support Trump and I see the difference between Democrat and Republican. And I see the difference between you and Trump. If you really want the nation to be as one and fight for the better life… you would not have put this here.”

Hamilton stated that he was minding his own business in handing out such fliers, adding that he shouldn’t have had to feel uncomfortable in doing so.

“This is just [another] person of color going through their normal lives and a citizen is calling the police to interrogate and intimidate. It’s a disturbing trend of people calling 911 for situations that have no criminal activity.”

As of the time of this writing, the woman remains unidentified.

According to reports, Jesse Hamilton went as far as to offer to speak to the confrontational woman in private at his office, which she refused.