Washington Redskins News: Rookie RB Derrius Guice Gone For Season With Torn ACL

Steven SenneAP Images

The Washington Redskins were hoping that the 2018-2019 NFL season was going to be a good one after last year’s success, but already, trouble has befallen the team. In the first preseason game of the season, the Redskins ended up losing o the New England Patriots by a score of 26-17, but the loss wasn’t the worst news on Thursday. The absolute worst thing is that they have now lost rookie running back Derrius Guice for the entire season to a torn ACL.

On Friday afternoon, ESPN reported that Guice would indeed be gone for the season after suffering an injury in the first quarter of the preseason game against the Patriots. He exited Thursday night’s contest after a pretty good run and totaling 19 yards on six carries, but his final play was a scary one.

Guice was able to outrun a number of defenders before being taken down in a heap and immediately sitting up to look at his knee. The rookie running back out of LSU could tell something was wrong and kept grabbing at his knee before laying back on the ground as the trainers ran over to check on him.

He stayed in the locker room and interacted with teammates after the game, but the bad news was confirmed on Friday – Guice was out for the entire season.

Making matters even worse for the Washington Redskins is that Guice’s injury wasn’t the only bad news from Thursday night’s game. Tight end Manasseh Garner also suffered an ACL injury that is going to keep him off of the field for the entire 2018 season.

Derrius Guice was a second-round draft choice out of LSU earlier this year and it’s hard to think he is dealing with another knee injury. His last season in college, Guice missed one game with a sprained left knee, but it didn’t end up being anything serious.

Since arriving in Washington, the team has been impressed with his conduct on and off the field. Derrius Guice has also become a quick favorite with the fans as he’s always interacting with them and having fun in his new NFL home.

The rookie was part of a big running back group, but he was expected to compete for one of the top two spots.

After less than one quarter of preseason play in the NFL, running back Derrius Guice’s rookie season has already come to an end. Injuries are common in the world of professional football, but unfortunately, a torn ACL is one of those which no player ever wants to suffer through. The rookie may not be able to play this year, but he’s already looking forward to year two with the Washington Redskins.