The Cast Of ‘Southern Charm’ Is Completely ‘Done’ With Thomas Ravenel, They Are ‘Disgusted’ With Him


After the last season of Southern Charm, it was obvious that there was a bit of a separation between Thomas Ravenel and the rest of the cast. That was primarily due to his relationship with Ashley Jacobs and how she interacted with everyone else, but things have only taken a turn for the worse. Now, the sexual allegations brought against him and the way he treated Kathryn Dennis last season has put him out the outs with all of his friends.

Throughout Season 5 of Southern Charm, the focus was primarily on the relationship between Thomas and his new girlfriend Ashley Jacobs. Yes, there was still something between Thomas and Kathryn, but that was due to the fact that they have two children together.

Now, People is reporting that the cast of the show is sick and tired with how the couple treated Kathryn and they are just completely done with him.

“He doesn’t have friendships with the [main] cast anymore — everyone is done. They’re disgusted with him and the way he and Ashley treated Kathryn this season. His eye-opening behavior and the drama surrounding those allegations caused a huge wedge in his friendships.”

As if the sexual assault allegations weren’t enough, now, Thomas has no one to call back on or call for support.

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Featured image credit: Bravo

Thomas was not at the reunion episode for season 5 of Southern Charm, but that was due to the allegations and the investigation which is still ongoing. Ashley was there to confront everyone and it didn’t necessarily go very well for her as she butted heads with the rest of the cast.

Shep, Cameran, Craig, Chelsea, Austin, and Naomie were already done with her and really didn’t want to associate with Ashley as it is. Now, they are turning their backs on Thomas too and just want to cut ties with him entirely.

“There’s too much dishonesty there, too much manipulation. They’ve all just been keeping their distance.”

As reported by Reality Blurb, Bravo has not yet issued a comment regarding the situation and won’t confirm if Thomas is no longer speaking to the cast or vice versa. Bravo has also not confirmed if Thomas is going to be fired from Southern Charm even though many media outlets have said he won’t be back.

If it is true that the entire cast has distanced themselves from him, the report coming from E News! won’t help his relationships with his friends. They are now saying that Thomas and Ashley are back together and once more a couple after a short split.

Southern Charm has become one of the most popular television shows on the air and Bravo knows they have a good thing going. It’s good that the entire cast is quite likable and popular with the fans as Thomas Ravenel was easily the most well-known member, but that may not last much longer. Due to the way he and Ashley Jacobs treated Kathryn Dennis last season, his friends have shut him out of their lives and there may not be any more storylines for him to fit into.