Daddy Yankee Robbed Of $2 Million, Thief Impersonated ‘Despacito’ Rapper To Trick Hotel Staff

Eric JamisonInvision/AP Images

Daddy Yankee has been robbed.

A man pretending to be the famous “Despacito” rapper was reportedly able to trick staff at the hotel in Spain where Daddy Yankee was staying at into unlocking his safe, allowing him to successfully make off with $2 million worth of money and jewelry as reported by TMZ.

Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, famously known around the world as Daddy Yankee, was staying at the Meliá Valencia Hotel in Valencia, Spain when he decided to go out for the night. While out, a Daddy Yankee impersonator got lucky when he was able to fool the hotel staff into believing he was the real deal and proceeded to ask them to open the safe box that was in the “Gasolina” rapper’s room.

The hotel staff complied, allowing the man to take off with $2,500 in cold-hard cash and jewelry consisting of gold chains and diamonds, which Daddy Yankee is notorious for wearing in all of his music videos. Altogether, local authorities say the thief robbed Yankee of $2 million.

A rep for the Puerto Rican rapper took to Twitter to confirm that Daddy Yankee was a victim of a robbery, as reported by People.

“Daddy Yankee’s press office confirms that the artist has been victim of a robbery while he was out of his hotel in Valencia, Spain. A law firm has been hired and there will not be any more statements in order to not hinder the investigation.”

Daddy Yankee is currently on his European tour to promote his highly successful single, “Dura.” The music video for the song has received over a billion views on YouTube to date and it appears powerful celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey is among one of the song’s fans as Daddy Yankee posted a video of her getting into the track while lounging on her couch. He captioned the video, “Always cool with an amazing vibe! Blessings!!”

The reggaeton rapper has been around for well over a decade. He reached a high point in his career last summer when the release of “Despacito” by Latin pop artist, Luis Fonsi, took the world by storm. Daddy Yankee collaborated with Fonsi on the original track. However, it was the duo’s remix of the song, which introduced a Spanish-singing Justin Bieber, that turned “Despacito” into the hottest jam for summer 2017.

The song earned multiple Grammy nominations and became the No. 1 song in the U.S. on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The last time a Spanish song earned such a high achievement was back in the 1990s when Los Del Rio released “Macarena.”

At this time, the investigation into the robbery continues as the federal police will attempt to catch the culprit with the use of the hotel’s security camera footage as well as a list of all of the hotel’s guests. A forensic team has also been called in hopes that they might be able to identify the suspect by fingerprints taken at the scene.