Brazil Saw 63,880 People Murdered In 2017, Breaking Its Own Record For Number Of Killings In A Single Year

Tensions in Brazil have run high in recent years, and the country's rate of crime is following the same trend. Political corruption, economic recession, police strikes, and prison riots have been the center of attention since last year, and the dust of these chaotic events still hasn't settled.

In a new report, crime in Brazil was broken down and studied. The results were shocking, and imply an upward trajectory in the number of murders.

According to the Independent, murders in Brazil are up 3 percent compared to 2016; 61,597 homicides were committed in Brazil during 2016, which is still high. However, 2017 had that number beat. With a reported 63,880 people murdered, the number is getting higher every year.

Brazil's disturbing track record for violent crime has been a topic of discussion in the past. However, recent statistics show that the problem isn't going away, and it's getting worse.

There are 24.6 murders for ever 100,000 people in the country. While this might seem light compared to countries like Honduras and Venezuela, where the rates have respectively reached 74.6 and 62 people per 100,000, Brazil is far larger than either of these nations. In fact, Brazil makes up around half of South America's land area and population. This all adds up to quite a bit of crime -- 63,880 murders and 60,018 rapes in 2017 alone.

blood next to a gun on a crime scene
Many of the murders in Brazil go unsolved, which sends a dangerous message to potential killers: you can get away with it.

The abuse of women is a touchy subject, especially in Brazil. The Inquisitr recently covered a story about a video featuring a man beating his wife, who later fell to her death from their balcony. This sparked a debate regarding how the country and its residents handle domestic abuse, and their lack of intervention when it happens around them.

The new study highlights another troubling trend: a rise in the murder of women. There was a reported 6.1 percent rise in the number of women murdered in Brazil, with more than a thousand of them being killed simply because of their gender. There were also 60,018 rapes in 2017, and this is only a fraction of the total. Many rapes go unreported, as the victims are too afraid or ashamed to come forward.

With domestic abuse, police violence, and the overall rate of homicide skyrocketing, many Brazilians are worried about their safety.

"I'm terrified to leave the house alone," said Maria Jacemar Ugulinho, according to AP News. "Three of my nephews already moved abroad to flee the violence."

For millions of people, simply leaving the country isn't an option. Until the crime rate drops, many of these residents have to wait and hope for the safety of themselves and their loved ones.