Here’s Why The Queen Mother Left Prince Harry More Money In Her Will Than She Did For Prince William

The Queen Mother left a sizable portion of her estate to Prince Harry

The Queen Mother left Prince Harry more money than she did for Prince Harry
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The Queen Mother left a sizable portion of her estate to Prince Harry

The English royal family is well established and certainly sitting comfortably when it comes to finances. However, as happens when people die, others will receive money via inheritance. This certainly happens within the royal family and, as a result, the princes William and Harry have already received large inheritance sums when their mother tragically died.

According to the Mirror, the money that William and Harry received from their mother, Princess Diana, was split evenly between the two siblings. However, this isn’t the case when it came to their inheritance from their great-grandmother, the Queen Mother. BBC reported that Prince Harry has received a much larger inheritance sum from the Queen Mother than Prince William did. There is a specific reason for this, though.

After the Queen Mother died in 2002, it was revealed that she had a substantial sum of money put aside for all of her great-grandchildren. However, the largest serve of this royal pie, £14 million (approximately $18 million USD), went to Prince Harry.

So, why did she do this?

There is a very simple reason to explain this. It wasn’t because the Queen Mother was spiteful or that she loved Prince Harry the most. The reason is that Prince William, because of his position, will inherit much more in the long run compared to his younger brother, Harry.

Prince Harry received more from the Queen Mother than Prince William did
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As the Mirror points out, Prince William will become the new Prince of Wales when his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, dies and his father, Prince Charles, becomes the king of England. This will lead to him inheriting the Duchy of Cornwall, which is a “private estate which funds the public, charitable and private activities of the heir to the throne.”

Prince Harry, on the other hand, will not receive such a vast inheritance on the death of his grandmother. Once again, this is not because the Queen is spiteful or prefers one grandchild over the other, but because her royal obligations deem she must hand over the title in this manner.

According to the Express, the remainder of the Queen Mother’s estate was handed down to her daughter, Queen Elizabeth, with some bequeathment also going to members of her staff.

“In her will, she asked the Queen to make certain bequests to members of her staff,” the official statement on the Queen Mother’s will read.

Of course, regardless of which prince gets the most, inheritance-wise, in the grand scheme of it all, we are talking about millions of dollars here and neither of the princes will likely have to ever cry poor in their lives.