Cruel Robbers Hold 9-Year-Old At Ax Point, Father Says He Didn’t ‘Do Enough’

An English father experienced the horror of watching his son be held at ax-point by two violent robbers, reports say.

The father of two described the horrifying episode, in which two robbers crashed into his home, allegedly using sledgehammers to break down the door.

Rajinder Auluk, 40, said that he and his family had moved to the Birmingham house to be in a safer area. But now, the father reports that his youngest son will not return to the house where the robbers attacked, for fear of the man coming back to harm him further.

The robbers allegedly demanded car keys and cash, as Auluk,, his wife and two sons, ages 9 and 16, watched helplessly. Detectives are reportedly now launching a public appeal to help being in the suspects. Auluk, a self-employed property developer, recalls: “I heard a loud crash at the front door and suddenly an explosion hit me in the face as these men with axes and sledgehammers came piling through the door.”

“I said, ‘take what you want’ but they carried on shouting and held an axe to my youngest’s neck,” the father reports. “It was true panic. I was angry and frightened, but my main concern was what they were going to do to the little guy, I thought he was going to cut him.”

The robbers were apparently after the family’s two cars, a high-performance Nissan Pulsar GTR and a Mercedes CLK. They abandoned the Mercedes on the road outside the home. Although police quickly arrived at the scene, the suspects had gotten away.

Detective Constable Derek Cole said, “This was a truly horrendous ordeal for the family and it’s hard to imagine what they went through. The thieves knew exactly what they were after; they wanted the family’s high performance car and didn’t care who they harmed in the process.”

In an interview, Auluk said that he feared he had lost the trust and faith of his elder son, Jay. The 16-year-old allegedly believes his father should have done more the protect the family during the attack.

“My eldest has been calling me names because I did not do enough,” he said. “But, at the time, I was stuck. He was thinking I should have been superman and now I feel less of a man. I felt like I should have got one of them and attacked them. I don’t want him to think I am weak.”

Auluk describes the scene: He allegedly heard a crash, and two men burst into the room, showering Auluk with glass and debris. They reportedly demanded keys and money, and left. Or so the family thought.

“One came back in and said where’s that little b*****d, and put the axe to his face and neck,” Auluk describes. “If my boy accidentally slipped or moved it could easily have cut his neck.”

The men eventually left with the family’s car. No one was physically harmed.

“I don’t know why they seemed to target my youngest.”

What would you do if someone was holding your child at ax-point?