Lindsay And Dina Lohan Turned Away From Two Hotels

Lindsay Lohan’s burned bridges came back to haunt her at 1 am on Wednesday morning. Lohan and mom Dina flew into L.A. and, after landing, attempted to get a room at the swanky Shutters on the Beach hotel in Santa Monica. Upon arriving at the resort, Lohan waited in the car while mom Dina headed inside. However, management at the hotel turned the two women away.

It turns out Lindsay had destroyed one of the hotels rooms in 2007, and she was banned for life following that incident.

Realizing they needed a place to stay ahead of Lohan’s 8:30am court date, the mom and daughter pair attempted to check-in at the Loews Hotel located down the street. Management at Loews also turned the pair away, claiming that they were completely booked for the night.

TMZ followed Lohan and Dina to the Loews Hotel but stopped their pursuit after the second rejection.

It is still unclear where Lindsay and Dina Lohan ended up, although Lindsay looked awfully tired during her early morning court date in front of Judge Sautner.

Lindsay Lohan may be coming to the end of her bridge burning days. Recent reports have suggested that job offers for the former Hollywood darling are drying up fast.

Lohan is set to appear back in court on March 1, at which time her case involving lying to police could end with the revocation of her jewelry case probation.

In the meantime, Lohan’s new attorney Mark Heller carries a lucky rabbits foot on his briefcase and was scolded for trying to flatter Judge Stephanie Sautner.

Things are definitely not looking up for Lindsay and Dina Lohan these days.