Julianne Hough Poses In The Bathtub As She Opens Up About 'Self-Care'

Julianne Hough shared a snap from the bathtub on her official Instagram page on August 7 as she opened up about the importance of "self-care." The former Dancing with the Stars professional dancer turned judge shared an inspirational message with her more than 4 million followers on the social media site as she encouraged her followers to love and take care of themselves.

The stunning photo Julianne posted for her followers on August 7 showed her sitting in a white tub with her back to the camera as she ran her hands through her red hair.

She then wrote in the caption a reminder for her followers, telling them to remember to be "kind" to themselves and to have a little time to focus on their own health and wellbeing instead of putting the needs of others before their own.

"We spend so much time with others. Working with others, supporting others, giving to others, loving others," Hough wrote in the caption of the sultry bathtub photo she shared on the social media site this week.

"Remember it starts with YOU!" the dancer and Safe Haven and Footloose actress then continued. "Be kind to yourself. Show yourself compassion. Tell yourself all of the reasons you are grateful to be you. Go get that self-care, loves!"

Fans then left sweet comments on the photo promoting body confidence, which has already received more than 125,000 likes from her fans in the first 15 hours since she shared it online.

"I love her! She is such an inspiration to young women," one fan commented of Hough in part after seeing the bathroom upload.

Another then told the star, "Love this message!! Beautiful shot too!" while a third wrote on the comments section, "Beautiful picture AND beautiful message. Love yourself and the skin you are in."

Julianne Hough stuns in the bathtub in new Instagram photo
Getty Images | Dia Dipasupil

Julianne has been open in the past about her struggled with body confidence, revealing to Health magazine last year that she struggles from endometriosis that at first affected the way she sees herself.

Hough, who married hockey player Brooks Laich last year, told the story of how she became particularly uncomfortable after paparazzi began snapping pictures of her on the beach.

"When we were at the beach and I was having my endo stuff, and we got paparazzi'd and I literally was like, 'Oh my God,'" she recalled, adding that the photographers made her feel pretty uncomfortable with her body and the candid snaps, which showed her stomach looking a little rounder and had people asking her if she was pregnant.

"I definitely have my moments for sure," Julianne then continued in the interview of how her illness has affected her. "But it's not so much what I look like; it's how I feel."

Hough has also opened up about her passion for exercise and staying healthy, but told People that she's not overly regimented when it comes to a strict diet or fitness plan.

"I try to cut myself some slack if I'm being consistent with my nutrition and activity," the star – who is the sister of fellow professional dancer Derek Hough – continued, adding that she always satisfies her cravings if she wants a treat such as a piece of chocolate.

Opening up about how she likes to exercise in addition to her passion for dance, Hough then added that her big focus is just trying "to move your body everyday" while adding that she doesn't beat herself up too much if she misses a workout.