Paris Hilton And Boyfriend River Viiperi Living The Quiet Life

Paris Hilton and her younger boyfriend have taken an approach to their relationship once unheard of for Paris, the socialite and reality television star. They’re keeping things quiet.

Along with her younger boyfriend, model River Viiperi, Paris Hilton has been taking things easy and staying out of the spotlight. While this approach would have seemed absolutely foreign for the hard-partying Hilton of a decade ago, it makes for what TMZcalls a “model relationship.”

Of course, that’s partly because River Viiperi himself is an accomplished model. The 21-year-old boyfriend of Paris Hilton recently took center stage at a fashion show in Barcelona for the clothing brand Mango. Though Paris is a decade older than him, the relationship appears to be going well.

The couple has been shunning the spotlight, even though River’s career has taken off in the five months since they started dating, the India Times noted.

The relationship hasn’t meant that Paris Hilton is completely out of the spotlight. Last year she appeared on the cover of Russian GQ, and has been quietly expanding her series of fashion outlets. This came in the news last year when some cities in the Middle East opposed the opening of these outlets, an issue that came to a head in the Saudi Arabian holy city of Mecca.

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend could be following the cues of the heiress’ famous friends. Former party companions like Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian have since settled down and started families, and Paris could now be following suit.